Benedikt or Benedict is a male first name. The female form reads Benedikta or Benedikte.

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name meaning

  • originally of lat. bene = well and dictum = thatWord, together benedicere = well (it) say, well (it) speak. „Bendictus “means thus „the good speaker “and/or. „benedict “„with friendly words “.
  • Since the first name developed „for Benedikt “however in the Christian context, it is to be considered that benedictus therein the meaning assumed „the Gesegnete “, of lat. benedicere = segnen.


of name days

the different name days can be attributed to the following holy ones (see also: Sank Benedikt):

  • Hl. Benedikt of Nursia (around 480 - 547), founders of the western Mönchtums, name day as a patron of Europe: 11. July;Firmly on the Monte Cassino:21. March (day of death)
  • Hl. Benedikt II. († 685), Pope, name day: 8. May
  • Hl. Benedikt until copilots Baducing (628 - 690), English monk, monastery founder and abbott, name day: 12. January
  • Hl. Benedikt of Aniane (birth name: Witiza) (around 750 - 821), abbott and others inAniane and Aachen, name day in the regional calendar Aachen:12. February
  • Hl. Benedikt (a settler) († 1003), Italian a settler monk and martyr (in Poland), name day: 12. November
  • Sel. Benedikt Ricasoli († 1107), Italian a settler monk, name day: 20. January
  • Hl. Benedikt of the Mohr (1526 - 1589), Italian medal-upper in Palermo, name day: 4. April
  • Benedikt Hieronymus Feijóo y Montenegro (1676 - 1764), Spanish monk and theologian, name day: 26. September
  • Hl. Benedikt Joseph Labre (1748 - 1783), French pilgrim and Mystiker, name day: 16. April
  • Hl. Benedikt Menni (1841 - 1914), Italian priest, monk and medal founder, name day: 24. April

acquaintance name carrier

following Popes and

Gegenpäpste were called Popes named Benedikt Benedikt:


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