Benjamin Ben Eliezer

Benjamin (Fouad) Ben Eliezer (* 2. February 1936) is an Israeli politician and Brigadier General.

Ben Eliezer was born in the Iraq and emigrated 1950 to Israel. Ben Eliezer went 1954 to the army and fought in the six-day war, war of attrition and Jom Kippur war and became a military governor in the West Jordan territory.

1984 he was selected into the Knesset. He was a minister of building (1992-1996), communication Minister and deputy Prime Minister (1999-2001), as well as Secretaries of Defense (March 2001 - October 2002). It is at present for the Israeli work party - Meimad - parliamentary group in the parliament. In January 2005 he was appointed the infrastructure Minister.

It lives father of five children married in Rischon leTzion, is and.

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