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Benjamin Frankel (* 31. January 1906 in London; † 12. February 1973 in London) was an English composer.

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Frankel was born than son of Polish-Jewish parents. He learned early violin and showed considerable talent. At the age of 14 years its pianistischen abilities excited the attention of Victor Benham, which convinced its parents to make for it possible a full time music study. 1922 he spent a few weeks in Germany, returned however soon again to London, where he won a scholarship of the Worshipful company OF Musicians, and tried first serious compositions, while he his living costs as jazz - violonist, pianist and Arrangeur earned.

Into the early 1930ern Frankel had become a very in demand Arrangeur and a musical leader in London; it gave the stage work up 1944 , remained however interested up to its death in the composition by film music and wrote over 100 scores of this category. Frankel became after that 2. World war also as a serious composer admits; its first work, which attained fame, was dedicated to the memory of the 6 million the Violinkonzert, in inclination before the Jews , in order given for the festival OF Britain 1951, murdered in the Holocaust, and uraufgeführt by max of Rostal.

To Frankels a cycle of 5 caper quartets as well as 8 symphonies belongs to most well-known works, like also concerts for violin and Viola; its perhaps most well-known work is perhaps the 1. Sonate for violin solo, those, how also the concerts, which is result of a long co-operation with max of Rostal. In the last 15 years of its life Frankel developed a personal style in the application of the twelve-audio engineering, which maintains however points of contact with the tonality.

Frankel deceased during the work to three share towards opera Mark-hung Song and to a ninth symphony, which had been given by the BBC in order; its works remained to a large extent unconsidered for the following 20 years, until the German disk company decided cpo (Classic production Osnabrück), in the meantime of jpc bought up, to take up its complete work to co-operation with the Australian Broadcasting corporation.

Frankel was end of 1996 Composer OF the Week with the BBC.

work selection


  • 1. Symphony OI. 33, dreisätzig, 1958 (first twelve-clay/tone composition?)
  • 2. Symphony OI. 38, dreisätzig, 1962
  • 3. Symphony OI. 40, einsätzig, 1964
  • 4. Symphony OI. 44, dreisätzig, 1966
  • 5. Symphony OI. 46, dreisätzig, 1967
  • 6. Symphony OI. 49, fünfsätzig, 1969
  • 7. Symphony OI. 50, viersätzig, 1970
  • 8. Symphony OI. 53, viersätzig, 1971


  • Violinkonzert ton the MEMORY OF the six million OI. 24, viersätzig, 1951
  • Serenata Concertante for Klaviertrio and orchestra OI. 37, einsätzig (multipart), 1960
  • Violakonzert OI. 45, dreisätzig, 1967

further one of works for (chamber) orchestra

  • Three of sketches for strike ago (originals for quartet) OI. 2, 1920er?
  • Solemn Speech and Discussion OI. 11
  • Youth music, four pieces for small orchestra OI. 12
  • May Day (Ouvertüre) OI. 22, 1948
  • Mephistopheles serenade and thanks OI. 25, 1952
  • Shakespeare Overture OI. 29
  • Overture tons of A Ceremony OI. 51

chamber music

  • Three piano of studies OI. 1, 1926
  • 1. Streichtrio OI. 3
  • Trio for clarinet, cello and piano OI. 10, dreisätzig, 1940
  • 1. Sonate for violin solo OI. 13 (1943 ago)
  • 1. Caper quartet OI. 14, viersätzig, around 1944/45
  • 2. Caper quartet OI. 15, fünfsätzig, 1944
  • 3. Caper quartet OI. 18, fünfsätzig, around 1947
  • Early Morning music, Trio for oboe, clarinet and bassoon, dreisätzig, 1948
  • 4. Caper quartet OI. 21, viersätzig, around 1949?
  • Quartet for piano and strike ago OI. 26, dreisätzig, 1962 off., developed probably into the 1950ern
  • Quintett for clarinet and strike ago OI. 28, dreisätzig, 1956
  • Inventions in major/Minor mode, for cello and piano OI. 31
  • 2. Streichtrio OI. 34, dreisätzig, off. 1960 (?)
  • Cinque Pezzi Notturni for 11 instruments OI. 35, 5 pieces, 1959
  • 2. Sonate for violin solo OI. 39, dreisätzig, 1962
  • Pezzi pianissimi for clarinet, cello and piano OI. 41, 4 pieces, 1964
  • 5. Caper quartet OI. 43, fünfsätzig, 1965

vowel works

  • The Aftermath OI. 17
  • eight songs OI. 32, 1959

the symphonies, concerts, quartets and some further works was taken up so far of cpo, like also a part of the film music (a few works were available also on LP, the Klarinettenquintett alternatively also on CD).

film music (a selection)

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