Benjamin Godard

Benjamin Louis Paul Godard (* 18. August 1849 in Paris; † 10. January 1895 in Cannes) was a French composer.

Godard studied de of Paris at the Conservatoire composition with Napoléon Henri Reber and violin with Henri Vieuxtemps. Since 1887 he was a teacher at the Conservatoire.

Godard composed six operas, five symphonies, one piano and two Violinkonzerte, caper quartets, Sonaten for violin and piano, pieces of piano and - and more than one hundred songs etüden.


  • Tasso, dramatic Symphonie for Soli, choirs and orchestras, 1878
  • Symphonie ballet
  • Symphonie gotique
  • Symphonie orientale
  • Symphonie légendaire
  • Sonate fantastique C major for piano
  • Sonate f-moll for piano
  • Les Guelfes, opera, 1880-1882
  • Pedro de Zalaméa, Oper, 1884
  • Jocelyn, opera, 1888
  • Dante, opera, 1890
  • Ruy blow, opera, 1891
  • La Vivandière, amusing opera, 1895


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