Benjamin Markowitsch field of flowers

Benjamin Markowitsch field of flowers (Russian: БениаминМарковичБлюменфельд, wiss. Transliteration: Beniamin Markovič Bljumenfeľd; * 24. May 1884 in Volkovysk; † 5. March 1947 in Moscow) was a Russian chess master and - theoreticians.

Field of flowers, a lawyer studied in Moscow and Berlin, applied in the decade before the First World War as one of the best Muscovites players. He celebrated its largest success with 4. AllRussian master tournament 1905/1906 in pc. Petersburg, when it became common with Akiba ruby stone second. 1907 it became with an international tournament more divided into Moscow second. 1911 it masters of Moscow and participated called allRussian Olympiad after the October Revolution in the first championship 1920 of the Soviet state : it became figure eight. 1925 it divided place two and three with the Muscovites championship.

Field of flowers theoretical work was one of the bases of the Soviet chess school. After it the field of flowers Gambit ( 1.d2-d4 Sg8-f6 2.c2-c4 e7-e6 3.Sg1-f3 c7-c5 4.d4-d5 b7-b5 ) is designated.


  • Rol endschpila w schachmatnoj portion [the role of the final game in the game of chess], Leningrad 1931
  • Matsch Aljechin - Bogoljubow, Moscow 1931
  • Kombinazja w schachmatnoj portion [the combination in the game of chess], Moscow 1938


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