Benjamin McKenzie

Benjamin McKenzie (actually Benjamin McKenzie Schenkkan, * 12. September 1978 in Austin, Texas, the USA) is an US-American actor. McKenzie is one the star of the US TV serial of o.k., California. There it plays the role of the Ryan Atwood.

Benjamin was born in Austin, Texas and buildup also there. After its conclusion in economics and external relations at the university of Virginia he pulled to New York, in order to dedicate its attention of the looking plaything. There he got several roles in off Broadway productions, before he came to Los Angeles and was engaged for the main role into „The of o.k. “. Its spare time spends Benjamin with its family and its friends. In addition it is interested in politics. It was one the speaker at the meeting of the democrats in the summer 2004.

Benjamins father is an attorney, its nut/mother authoress, lady journalist and Professorin at a university in Texas. Recently it pulled into a new dwelling in Santa Monica.


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