Benjamin Netanjahu

Benjamin Netanjahu, 2003

Benjamin Netanjahu (hebr.: בנימיןנתניהו, also Binjamin and in Israel landläufig Bibi), (* 21. October 1949 in Tel Aviv) is an Israeli politician of the conservative Likud - block. It is since December of 2005 chairmen of the Likud.

Netanjahu was of April 1996 until May 1999 an Israeli Prime Minister. 1998 and in the years 2002 to 2003 he dressed the office of the Israeli minister of foreign affairs. 2003 he was appointed the Minister of Finance, laid down the office however in the middle of 2005 from protest against the settlement politics of the Scharon - government.

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family and personal background

Benjamin is the son of Zila and Ben Zion Netanjahu. Its father, Ben Zion, is a professor for Jewish history and former publisher of the Hebrew encyclopedia. Its older brother Jonatan applies in Israel than war hero and died with the operation Entebbe in the year 1976 . Its younger brother Iddo is a radiologist and writer. All three brothers served unit in the Sajeret Matkal -.

Netanjahu is married for the third time; from first marriage it has a daughter, Noa, and with its current wife Sarah it has two children. Although it is born in Israel, it buildup in Cheltenham, US Federal State Pennsylvania . He got his High School conclusion of the Cheltenham High School. It possesses a Bachelor OF Science into architecture of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (WITH) and a master OF Science in management of the WITH Sloan School OF management, in addition it studied political sciences to the Harvard University and to WITH.

Prime Minister (1996-1999)

Netanjahu was selected in the year 1996 after a set of Palestinian suicide notices on Israeli civilians. Schimon Peres, which led in the inquiries, could not stop terrorist attacks, why the public confidence diminished into him rapidly. Thus it came at the 3. and 4. March 1996 to two deadly notices, which were committed by Palestinian terrorists. In them 32 Israeli citizens died. These two notices were the main cause for the rapid confidence loss Peres'. Differently than Peres Netanjahu trusted Yassir Arafats not in the good will and made any progress in the peace process dependent on the fact that the Palestinian autonomy followed its obligations - to fight mainly the terror -. The Slogan of its campaign was “Netanjahu - a safe peace create”.

When he negotiated Prime Minister with Yassir Arafat the Wye agreement , but many meant to stop he tried each progress.

Its compromiseless policy seemed to work first: differently than under its predecessor and successor there were few suicide notices under its government relatively within Israel. In the year 1996 decided it and the mayor Jerusalems Ehud Olmert however, an exit for the complaint wall - tunnels to open. This entailed three-day-long unrests of the Palestinians with numerous dead ones on both sides.

Despite its partial successes against the terrorism most elite leaned and links media Netanjahus politics off. After a long chain of scandals (inclusively rumors around its wife), and after an investigation was initiated because of corruption against it, Netanjahu lost the confidence in the Israeli public.

Netanjahu was struck in the elections from 1999 by Ehud Barak and withdrew themselves occasionally from the policy.

political activity from 2000 to 2006

in the year 2002, after the retreat of the work party from the government, appointed Prime Minister Ariel Scharon Netanjahu the minister of foreign affairs. Netanjahu provoked Scharon as a chairman of the Likud , failed however to relieve Scharon of its office.

After the elections of 2003 Netanjahu accepted the office of the Minister of Finance in the new government Scharons.

Netanjahu applies within the Likud as hard liner; it belonged to the opponents of an independent Palestinian state (it prefers an autonomy under Israeli control), was correct however for the crowd on plan, which it prevented however always fintenreich (although in the long run without success). Internal party-line he was a competitor of the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Scharon and tried, to weaken whose position by the demand after a referendum over the departure plan.

As a Minister of Finance Netanjahu undertook daring plans, in order to release of Israel economics from the difficulties, into which it during the aluminium-Aqsa-Intifada was guessed/advised. The plans were relatively economiceconomics and provoked therefore strong contradictions.

To 7. August 2005 withdrew Netanjahu from protest against the agreement of the Israeli cabinet for the first phase of the departure of Israeli settlers from the Gaza Strip from the office of the Minister of Finance. It justified this step thereby that a university-lateral departure would not bring advantages to Israel, on the contrary is the opposite the case. The departure undermines security, splits the nation and is not not the way to the peace. In addition this is a step to the borders of 1967 ago, which are to be defended not militarily. The stock market reacted with Kursverlusten to its resignation.

In the evening 19. December 2005 stood for Benjamin Netanjahu as a winner of the internal preselectionin the Likud against minister of foreign affairs Silvan Shalom firmly. Some weeks before left Prime Minister Ariel Scharon the Likud, around a new movement namems “Kadima “(forward) to base. In the Kadima are many former high-level personnel of the Likud to be found. Sharons Kadima were taken into consideration good chances, the elections to 28. To win March 2006, which also happened. By an impact accumulation Scharon fell however in coma, on which its deputy Ehud Olmert became provisionally an Prime Minister. After the choice of 28. March assigned the president Mo Katzaw Ehud Olmert the formation of a government. The coalition talks with parties of the right camp are meanwhile final.

The Likudblock lost solid voices by the choice victory of the Kadima. Benjamin Netanjahu often proved that he may be copied not too early. The moment Likud is however in the opposition - the new Israeli government consists of Kadima, the work party around Amir Peretz, the pensioner party and Schas.

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