Benjamin Péret

Benjamin Péret (* 5. July 1899 in Rezé with Nantes; † 28. September 1959 in Paris), poets and writers of the Surrealismus.

Péret pushes as in-and-twenty-year-old to that Paris Dadaisten round around Tristan Tzara, André Breton, Paul Eluard, Philippe Soupault, max Ernst, Francis Picabia and other one. He is joint founder of the Surrealismus 1924. With Pierre Naville it publishes the first three numbers of the newspaper La Révolution Surréaliste (12 numbers 1924-1929). It joins 1927 with Louis Aragon, André Breton, Paul Eluard and Pierre Unik the communist party of France , in order to change however soon on the side despite gravel tables of the opposition, like many the Surrealisten. 1929 - 1931 stay in Brazil, it are locked up and pushed away however because of political activities. In Paris again with the Surrealisten. it fights to 1936 to 1937 in the Spanish civil war on communist, late anarchist side (column Durruti). 1939 it is drawn in to the French war service, where it must because of formation despite gravel tables of a cell into the dungeon. It flees to Marseille, where it meets other Surrelisten. Perét goes 1941 to 1947 into the exile to Mexico, co-operates there with the widow of Leo Trotzki , and is occupied with the culture of the Indians, it provides Anthologien with präkolumbianischen myths; the large poem air Mexicaine writes. After its return to Paris he co-operates up to his death 1959 with André Breton.

Pérets poetry was hardly well-known outside of the Surrealismus, in the group however much likes (Philippe Soupault: “I would give Paul Eluards for a poem of Péret the whole work. ”), the typical poet in a revolutionary manner the Surrealisten, for André Breton its “most expensive and oldest combat comrade”.


  • illustrated illustrated by Hans Arp Le more passager de transatlantique (1921
  • ) pierres (1927 ) Le les of Yves Tanguy Dormir dormir
  • dans grand jeu (1928)
  • illustrated of Pablo Picasso De derrière fagots (1934)
  • of the Le déshonneur the poètes (1945) German “the dishonor of the poets”, Nautilus
  • Le gigot. SA vie et son oeuvre (1957) narrations German as the green Minna continued to drive past, Nautilus

Œuvres of complètes, so far 7 volumes, with José Corti

on German:

  • “The large play /Le grand jeu”: Selected poems. dt. /franz., 2004 ISBN 3-89086-652-2 “
  • of this bread I eat Rimbaud not”, edition Av 2003
  • together with Paul Eluard, “hundred one hundred-two proverbs on the newest conditions brought”, Anabas 1995
  • “the moon of the Zaparo. Myths and fairy tale America ", Nautilus 1998
  • “natural history”, racers 1984


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