Benjamin Raich

Benjamin Raich (* 28. February 1978 in flax, Gemeindegebiet Arzl in the Pitztal) is a Austrian ski running runner.

Its first medal won it 2001 in the slalom with the ski world championships in pc. Anton at the Arlberg. In the year 2002 he could in each case achieve the bronze medal in the slalom and in the combination.

Benjamin Raich was at the ski WM 2005 in boron millions beside Janica Kostelić the undisputed superstar of the meeting. He became world champion in the combination and in the slalom. In addition it won the silver medal as well as bronze in the super g in the Riesenslalom and in nation the team Event in each case.

Its first victory in the Skiweltcup succeeded to Raich 1999 with the Nachtslalom of Schladming, as it of 23. Rank in the 1. Passage still to the victory drove - something, which did not succeed to a runner before or after it.

In the Skiweltcup it won so far 23 running (conditions: 17. March 2006). In the years 2001 and 2005 he decided the Slalom Worldcup for itself, 2005 and 2006 additionally the Riesenslalom Worldcup. 2006 it won the Gesamtweltcup prematurely.

After it separated with the olympic winter plays 2006 first lying in the combination in guidance and could not also in the super g not shine, it won afterwards both in the giant gate run and in the slalom the gold medal.

Benjamin Raich is associated since 2004 with the Skirennläuferin Marlies sign.

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Date place country discipline
7. January 1999 Schladming Austria slalom
10. January 1999 Flachau Austria Riesenslalom
17. January 1999 whom gene Switzerland slalom
26. February 2000 Yongpyong South Korea Riesenslalom
18. March 2000 boron million Italy Riesenslalom
14. January 2001 whom gene Switzerland slalom
21. January 2001 Kitzbühel Austria slalom
23. January 2001 Schladming Austria slalom
11. March 2001 Åre Sweden slalom
21. December 2001 Kranjska Gora Slovenia Riesenslalom
3. January 2004 Flachau Austria Riesenslalom
18. January 2004 whom gene Switzerland slalom
27. January 2004 Schladming Austria slalom
5. December 2004 Beaver Creek the USA slalom
14. January 2005 whom gene Switzerland supercombination
26. February 2005 Kranjska Gora Slovenia slalom
21. December 2005 Kranjska Gora Slovenia Riesenslalom
7. January 2006 Adelboden Switzerland Riesenslalom
13. January 2006 whom gene Switzerland supercombination
22. January 2006 Kitzbühel Austria combination
3. February 2006 Chamonix France supercombination
10. March 2006 Shigakogen Japan slalom
17. March 2006 Åre Sweden Riesenslalom

olympic plays

of medal gains with olympic plays.

Date place country discipline medal
2002 salt Lake town center the USA slalom bronze
2002 salt Lake town center the USA alpine combination bronze
20. February 2006 Sestriere Italy giant gate run gold
25. February 2006 Sestriere Italy slalom gold

world championships

of medal gains with alpine ski world championships.

Date place country discipline medal
2001 pc. Anton at the Arlberg Austria slalom silver
2005 boron million Italy super G bronze
2005 boron million Italy alpine combination gold
2005 boron million Italy giant gate run silver
2005 boron million Italy slalom gold
2005 boron million Italy Teambewerb silver

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