Benjamin of the Ahe

Benjamin of the Ahe (* May 1976, Frankfurt/Main) is a German politician.

By occupation specialized computer scientist, he was April 2001 until April of 2002 treasurers and of April 2002 until Octobers of 2003 federal speakers of the Greens youth; Member of the Greens youth is it since 1997, member of the Greens since 1998. By April 2000 until April 2001 he was a treasurer of the Greens youth Lower Saxony.

With the European choice 2004 he stood as a candidate at list place 14 for alliance 90/Die the Greens, who could achieve 13 mandates.

Political central topics of interest Lower Saxony are new media, environmental and education politics.

Grew up Benjamin of the Ahe in the ostfriesischen empty, where he made 1995 Abitur. It carried its civil service out off in Hanover.


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