Benno Hoffmann

Benno Hoffmann (* 30. May 1919 in Süderbrarup as Bernhard Adolf Hoffmann; † 9. March 2005 in Vomp, Austria) was a German ballet master and actor.

He completed its training in play and dance starting from 1936 to the renowned Folkwangschule in meals. Starting from 1939 he worked as dancer and a ballet master and. A. in Wuppertal, Coburg and at the German theatre Goettingen. 1948/1949 he was busy as solo dancers at the national theatre Munich. Only since 1951 Hoffmann predominantly worked as an actor, whereby it often roughened to amusing characters embodied. Country widely became it admits crime film room 13 (1964) by roles in film and television like the Edgar Wallace -, the Nibelungen: Siegfried (1966), Lina Braake (1975), blows, if Schwarzenbeck comes (1979) or in the role Paul Plaschke, the Werbefigur of the pool of broadcasting corporations - luck spiral, which he further-played finally even in his own series , trusting width unit home (1990).

Likewise was he likes in the pool of broadcasting corporations previous evening series 6 correct ones.

Beyond that Hoffmann worked between 1955 and 1984 often as a synchronous speaker, and. A. for Zero Mostel (madly the old Romans drove it), Boris Karl off (Franconia stone) or Clifton James as Sheriff J.W. Pepper in the two James bond films lives and to die leave and the man with the golden Colt. Into “Werner “- Zeichentrickfilmen spoke he the policeman Bruno.

Benno Hoffmann was already for years seriously ill. 1994 were removed for it a tumor in the intestine, 2000 suffered it an intestine catch. Briefly before its death it weighed only 40 kilograms. Benno Hoffmann died to 9. March 2005 in a nursing home in its Austrian residence Vomp.

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