Benno of oh brook

Benno of oh brook, (* 24. July 1861 in Duesseldorf; † 15. October 1936 in Berlin) was ennobled the founder of the German Kutschfahrkunst and only son of the painter Oswald oh brook, because of its earnings/services around the driving art by William II.

Oh brook learned the bottom plate driving with its English driving teacher Edwin Howlett. Constructing on the driving fashion learned with him, he postulated as a the highest goal, as horse-carefully as possible, of driving appropriately and surely and introduced in addition a ferry system with partly standardized equipment (oh brook line). In this ferry systemthe seven principles of oh brook are to be found. They read: 1. To the correct drive belong the correct oh brook line, whip and the firm Bracke. 2. On correct in and Zweispännigfahren four and Mehrspännig are drive developed, one need to learn not again but in addition only learn.3. The right hand must be able to be at any time free to to give of direction of travel character (greeting), brakes and to the whip use. 4. All idioms will shorten a giving way of the outside line by the speed and eingeleited. 5. The senkrechte position of the hands makes idioms possible only by turnto drive the wrists. 6. On the right of and link idioms are in principle from each other different and are therefore also differently to be driven. 7. The Durchgleitenlassen or several linen not possibly makes correct driving and is dangerous and therefore forbidden in the traffic. Of oh brook the 1922 in its book harnessingand driving common driving teachings entered in Germany tournament order and by many countries was taken over. Today it is in Europe the usually-taught and - method of the Kutschenfahrens and in the driving sport a quasi-standard, practiced.



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  • Benno of oh brook, harnessing and driving; Reprint of the expenditure of 1925, Fn-publishing house, 1999 (ISBN 3872480421)

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