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Bent factory, actually Bent Fabricius Bjerre (* 7. December 1924 in Frederiksberg), is a Danish pianist and composer. Sometimes also franc Bjorn mentioned.

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already in recent years worked Bent Fabricius Bjerre as a jazz musician and made with its volumes numerous disk photographs, which belonged to the first jazz plates in Denmark. After the Second World War it studied three years at the royally Danish music conservatoire and. A. Piano. Afterwards it created a music magazine publishing house and played further in different jazz and thank volume. Beyond that it was active as a professional composer, whereby it changed more from the jazz ever to the Popmusik. It composed the music for numerous Danish films over the years. 1950 he took over the disk label of Metronome and until today is active he also as a music producer.

Soon he got its own show Omkring et flygel (approximately over the piano), to which it invited itself musical guests and played on the Danish television. A characteristic was by it (under the alias franc Björn) composed the theme song of the transmission, which it darbot to the conclusion as well as its guest.

This melody became then also 1962 with its international publication under the title Alley Cat a world hit. However in the USA the piano instrument valley was a Millionenseller and reached place 7 the Pop Charts. Besides Bent factory, how he called himself internationally, but was distinguished with a Grammy. The song is today still one world-wide at most played, Danish Songs. From the song there were some likewise successful sung versions, among other things from Bobby Rydell, Peggy Lee (jew. English) and of Siw Malmkvist (black Kater Stanislaus).

The follow-up single Chicken feed came likewise into the US-Charts and the album Alley Cat reached the Top 20.

Fabricius Bjerre was also a musician for the Danish king house and played with official causes, among other things with the wedding of queen Margrethe 1968.

Internationally is one of the most successful Danish film exports, the oil gang admits further its title melody. In recent time it had a large hit in its homeland with the title Jukebox (2003), which came over the Coca Cola advertisement also to Germany, and which follow-up single Shake. Both were Top-10-Hits of Danish sales hit sales and came into the Airplay - Charts even at place 5 and/or. 2.

Today it is in the executive committee of several companies and theatres in Denmark. So among other things of multi-clay/tone A/S, Børnefonden, Betty Nansen Teatret, Bellevue Teatret, Metalvarefabrikken Baltic A/S, Scandinavien Medical Supply A/S and room OF Scandinavia A/S.


  • Grammy Awards 1963: Grammy for Alley Cat (best skirt and roll admission)
  • Gentofte municipality culture price 2000
  • Danish Deejay Awards 2004: nominated for Jukebox
  • Steppeulven (Danish criticism price) 2004: Musicians of the yearly for Jukebox and Shake


  • of a part of the love because of part of 1 (poets og Lillemor, 1958)
  • light for Helene (1959)
  • in love with Copenhagen (Forelsket i København, 1960)
  • a part of the love because of part of 2 (poets og Lillemor og Lotte, 1960)
  • Cirkus Buster (1961)
  • Flemming på kostskole (1961)
  • Svinedrengen og Prinsessen på ærten (1962)
  • a part of the love because of part of 3 (poets og Lillemor i forårshumør, 1963)
  • three girls in Paris (TRE PIGER I PARIS, 1963)
  • always, if she went bathing (1963)
  • 2 x 2 in the sky bed (Halløj i sky-close, 1964)
  • Death with table (Doden more kommer til avoiding Trade Union of German Employees, 1964)
  • luggage the Playboy into the cabinet (Pigen og millionæren, 1965)
  • caliber of 7.65 - thief greetings from Copenhagen (1965)
  • Slap af, Frede! (1966)
  • Series oil gang (1968-1998)
  • money to the second breakfast or think of a number (1969)
  • Ballade på Christianshavn (1971)
  • Hintertupfinger Grand Prix (Norway, 1976)
  • Matador (TV-series, 1978-1981)
  • house of the darkness (1984)
  • angel in things love (1986)
  • Peter of would scold (1990)
  • let the polar bears dance (LOD isbjørnene danse, 1990)
  • I bin's, Jasper (1992)
  • repairing ring Lights (flashing one more lygter, 2000)
  • oil gang junior (oil EN gangs junior, 2001)



  • 1962: Alley Cat (Atco record)
  • 1964: Organ Grinder's Swing (the USA, Atco record)
  • 1966: Never Tease of tiger (the USA, Atco record)
  • 1967: Operation Lovebirds (the USA, Atco record)
  • 1968: Relax With Bent factory (the USA, Atco record)
  • 1997: The Very Best OF Bent factory
  • 2001: With live melody (EMI EUROPE)
  • 2003: Factory live one 11 - Bent
  • 2004: Jukebox (universal)
  • 2005: Kan you kende melodies (universal)


  • 1962: Alley Cat
  • 1963: Chicken feed
  • 2003: Jukebox
  • 2003: Shake


  • Bent Fabricius Bjerre: Klaver med more mer (1994)

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