is a female first name , Hebrew or Scandinavian also Berith, advised Berrith, Berrit, Britt or Britta.

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federation of the self devotion, release and demand for obedience, the Godwith humans, corresponds to that Greek word dia. bar or that is received Latin testamentum


From that 15. Century coming name from that eastern Norway partial western Sweden, originally descends from the celtic name Brigid, lost however with the time at meaning andfinally nearly more was not used. Only starting from the last century the name attained meaning and is considered today as modern Nebenform of Birgit, Brigitte, Brita or Britta. Brigid meant as much as “the raised one”

advised meant in the Norwegian one efficiently,magnificently and wonderful.

name day

23. July

acquaintance name carrier inside

  • advised mountain, *1954, Norwegian painter and authoress

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