Berlin Dahlem

Lage Dahlem in Berlin
layer Dahlem in Berlin
entrance U-Bahnhof Dahlem village
Ehem. Institute for emperor William for chemistry (today: Institut for biochemistry of the free University of)
institute building of the free University of Berlin

Dahlem is a local part in the district Steglitz Zehlendorf of Berlin, in the southwest of the city between thatLocal parts Steglitz and light field west and the Green forest convenient.

Many mansions coin/shape the picture of the quarter, in which also the free university is convenient.

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  • 1275 firstdocumentary mention of Dahlem
  • 1901 allocation of the royal domain Dahlem to build with the goal at that time, there a distinguished mansion place with attached scientific mechanisms (German Oxford) which should attach the period of promoterism mansion colony light field west northward to the city. Dahlem had to thisTime somewhat more than 1000 inhabitants and lay in the district Teltow
  • 1920 incorporation of the property district Berlin Dahlem with 6244 inhabitants than a local part in the district Zehlendorf to large Berlin.
  • 1931 - 1937 Martin Niemöller is minister of the municipality Berlin Dahlem.
  • 1934 second Bekenntnissynode of the admitting church is held in Dahlem, which proclaims the church emergency right.

objects of interest & science location

Many further museums are in Dahlem, so for example:

science location Dahlem alsointernationally meaning mechanisms, so for example:


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coordinates: 52° 27 ′ 29 " n. Break, 13° 17 ′ 15 " o. L.


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