situation of the two official local parts in the district to Lichtenberg

to high beautiful living is a local part of Berlin in the district Lichtenberg. Officially between the local parts old high beautiful living and new high beautiful living are differentiated.

Up to the administrative reform 2001 there was its own urban district high beautiful living. Thisat GDR times from the urban district white lake was separated, when by town construction the old high beautiful living was substantially extended. The former district high beautiful living consisted the citizen of Berlin of local parts high beautiful living, waiting mountain, falcon mountain and Malchow, which belong today all to the district Lichtenberg.In the area of the former district today about 110,000 humans live.

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1230 begins the building of the lateRoman Taborkirche,due to their historical interior equipment today the oldest received monument of the district is. 1352 the first mention of high beautiful living in a document issued from Templin takes place, in which the minister of the church is called by high beautiful living. 1480 developed the manor high beautiful living.The village is pulled by the dreissigjährigen war badly in, 1648 was only three farmer families in the place. In 18. Century drives Friedrich II. of Prussia the silk production in the country in front; in high beautiful living it becomes by planting of Maulbeerbäumen visibly. But again the place is almost destroyed, this time by the seven-year-old war.

At present factories hardly develop for the industrialization in high beautiful living, on the contrary the place develops toward Berlin to a popular residential area. Particularly around that Orankesee and the 1895 upper lake put on develop numerous mansions. Along the major roads are the first community centres to be seen. 1899 drive then for the first time the streetcar to Berlin. 1902 begin the building of the Kindl brewery at the Weissenseer way, quite which was because of the local edge.

With the incorporation 1920 high beautiful living is assigned to part of large Berlin and the district white lake. The village, nearly smallurban character remains nevertheless well 60 years further.

To 22. April 1945 marches the Red Army into high beautiful living. The new ruling powersfurnish few years after the surrender a memorial place at the Küstriner road . Develops nearly at the same time however nearby the memorial place to the Genslerstrasse the central institute for remand of the again-created MfS of the GDR. It existed up to the turn, here 1995the memorial place Berlin high beautiful living was furnished here. 1953 are finally cleared away the tower of the Taborkirche, since she is in her current condition. The bells were set up beside the church.

In the year 1978 the first disk's buildings at the Lenin avenue , short developTime follows later the streetcar route after Berlin March ancestor. The actual development area high beautiful living became to 2. September 1984 concerned, after the road courses were before already specified and converted. Like already in March ancestor applied nearly the development follows through in the same breath Streetcar and rapid-transit railway. The core of the place, that with the local parts falcon mountain, Malchow and waiting mountain since that 1. September 1985 the independent district high beautiful living of Berlin forms, shifts more and more to again-created the Prerower place.Here were the trading firm (today there the lime tree center , a shopping centre stands) and the Anna Seghers - library. The building of the settlement became to 5. October 1989 officially terminated, up to then rose the population of the district to nearly 120.000.

After thatTurn did not decrease/go back the population as in most disk's building settlements of east Berlin , strong in this case however too. Up to the district reform at the 1. January 2001 with the district at that time Lichtenberg decreased/went back the population on approximately 110,000. After the reformthe local part high beautiful living divided in old high beautiful living (area around the village center and Konrad wolf road) and new high beautiful living (new building settlement).

The disk's building settlement between old high beautiful living and waiting mountain

of local parts


The main traffic axle in the Neubaubeiet is the road course Hans branch race - Falkenberger Chaussee, which was in former times a part of the B158. It generally represents the fastest connection into the town center. Besides the main street and Konrad wolf road are a further connection into that Friedrichshain as well as the Rhinstrasse after Lichtenberg and Marzahn.

The local part is quite good with the public means of transport to reach. Beside the well removed net of the citizens of Berlin streetcar and numerous Buslinien into the city center and in the surrounding countryside here those drives Rapid-transit railway line S75 (stations high beautiful living and Gehrenseestrasse) as well as the regional express - line RE3 and the regional course - lines RB12 and OE60 (East German railway ODEG).


sport forum high beautiful living

receipt of the polar bears in the red city hall after the profitthe championship

1954 the created sport forum high beautiful living is of Europe largest sport and Trainigszentrum. 55 hectares large areas resident today 30 sport associations, the sizes of German olympia base, twelve sport federal bases, the sport school „Werner soul binder “, „the house of the athletes “alsoabout 200 boarding school places as well as Institut for sport sciences of the Humboldt university to Berlin with approximately 500 students.

To the most important associations polar bears Berlin, an ice hockey resident in „the corrugated sheet palace the “ belong - to team from the DEL, which became 2005 German master.In addition the former GDR series master in the football plays and in the meantime in the upper league playing BFK direct current generator in the sport forum.

olympia base Berlin

the sport forum high beautiful living was extended 1987 by the citizen of Berlin olympia base, after the German reunification developed itto the largest olympia base of Germany. It is today equipped with modern technology and possesses among other things a flow channel for floats, an image analysis system for Turner and a laser plant for the hurdle print. The olympia base brought altogether over 100 olympia winners, world champions and European championsout and offers today training possibilities for 18 kinds of sport. Regularly the olympia base Berlin places most German sportsmen for the olympic plays, to the most well-known athletes of the base belongs to Franziska van Almsick, Claudia pitch stone and Andreas's bell.

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