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layer district Reinickendorf in Berlin

Reinickendorf is a local part in the district of the same name Reinickendorf of Berlin.

town development

the local part resembles the local part Wedding in the district center, bordering south , in its land development. The local part is under the approach lane to the airport Berlin Tegel bordering west. Between the local part Reinickendorf and the northeast alto Tegel lie (former) the industrial areas of boron victory forest. Northward the local part borders on the heath herb course, behind which the local parts Wittenau and that lie Märki quarter. In the east it borders likewise on a railway embankment, behind which the district Pankow lies.

The local part Reinickendorf lies in such a way as continuation of the land development of Wedding in the transition to the greener areas. The local part was original very many more civil than the adjacent worker quarter of Wedding, it however by the airport Tegel at quality of life lost.


1230 created the farmer of Lower Saxony Reinhardt a village, which at that time Reinhardts village, on flat-German Renekentorp, was designated. This formed the starting point of the locality Reinickendorf, which appeared for the first time under this name in the year 1345.

Already starting from 1397 the city was Berlin in the possession of the property Reinickendorf, which sells 1632, but 1710 were again back-purchased. Center 19. Century also Reinickendorf was seized by the industrialization and experienced a substantial upswing with the completion of the north course 1877. In the year 1893 then the Kremmener course and 1901 the heath herb course followed, with which Reinickendorf became a well opened citizen of Berlin suburb.

1920 into developing large Berlin in in common December, became Reinickendorf name giver of the district of the same name, to which also Wittenau, Tegel, holy lake, Hermsdorf and Lübars belong.

The airport Tegel was finished 1948 for the support of the citizens of Berlin air lift at present the citizen of Berlin blockade.

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