Berlin beautiful mountain

Lage Schöneberg in Berlin
layer beautiful mountain in Berlin

beautiful mountain is a local part in the district Tempelhof beautiful mountain of Berlin. Up to the administrative reform 2001 there was its own urban district beautiful mountain.

The former district beautiful mountain became at the 1. January 2001 with the former District Tempelhof fuses. The former urban district covered the today's local parts Friedenau and the named-giving local part beautiful mountain.

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the first documentary mention of the village beautiful mountain was at the 3. November 1264. Mark count Otto III. to Spandau five hooves country in the village gave beautiful mountain to the nun monastery. Since that 1. April 1898 were in former times due to beautiful mountain, to the circle Teltow its own urban area. Since 1912 this carried the name Berlin beautiful mountain. Since that 1. October 1920 (large Berlin law) formed beautiful mountain for one of the new citizens of Berlin of districts.

First mayor 1898 and/or starting from 1902 Mayor was Rudolph savage. Under savage there was first planning for the building of the Schöneberger of city hall on the dry surface of the mill mountain beside a swampy Fenn, which was drying-put some years before and transformed to the “city park”. For the dewatering usedengineers the excavation from the underground pits of the line 4, which ran as the first local underground at all with 5 stations between the Nollendorfplatz and Innsbrucker place and was at the same time built. The traffic facility should the rapidly growing city and thataimed for a largecivil public conceived Bavarian quarters interlace and the attractiveness of beautiful mountain increase. The course was completed in the death year of game 1910, the Alexander Dominicus as mayors followed. Under Dominicus 1914 the building of city halls came to the conclusion, after already two yearsbefore the city park was finished. The city hall free area got the name Rudolph savage place.

In the Schöneberger had city hall during the division of Berlin citizens of Berlin the Lower House and the senate of West Berlin their seat carrier. In the city hall tower is the liberty bell, which of collectedDonations of the civilian population of the USA for the citizens of Berlin one donated. The city hall, the Rudolph savage place and the roads approaching on it were the place of many demonstrations and the state visit of the US president John F. Kennedy. There it held by 26. June 1963its speech with the famous confession „I is a citizen of Berlin “. Its honours the savage place became in the same year in John f. - Kennedy place renamed, the city park received thereupon the name Rudolph savage park.

In beautiful mountain the allied control council for whole had Germany its seat in the building of the Court of Appeal in the Heinrich of Kleist park. Of 8. May 1945 up to the establishment of the two German states 1949 was this control council the highest Regierungsgewalt in Germany. Later only the allied air safety center was there accommodated. Afterthe reunification of Germany the building is used again for the highest courts of Berlin.

In memories of Jewish Switzerland in such a way specified one finds 80 Gedenktafeln and several Hinweistafeln with orientation plans, those today in the Bavarian quarter at lamp masts as surface covering monumentunder the title goal of “places of the Erinnerns in the Bavarian quarter - Ausgrenzung and Entrechtung, driving out, Deportation and murder of citizen of Berlin Jew in the years 1933 to 1945” in the quarter are distributed.

Until 1959 was at the Baden road in more directProximity to the city hall beautiful mountain the German university for politics, which pulled however with its integration into the petrol Suhr institute of the free University of Berlin to Dahlem. Since 1971 the again created professional school for economics Berlin has there its head office.

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and middle enterprises

within the ranges trade, services as well as the catering trade and Hotelerie dominate economics milk little house in the Rudolph savage park in the quarter. In the north around the joke mountain place the elevated retail trade with the KaDeWe as sign and the Tauentzienstrasse as usuallyShopping street of Berlin. In the Kiez around the U-Bahnhof Nollendorfplatz are numerous taverns, bars and shops, which address themselves predominantly to a homosexual public. Annually, on one weekend in June, “lesbian gay takes place the road celebration”, that in this part of Berlin alsowith a mixture from info. conditions of gays and lesbian groups, Show stages as well as lunch and Verkaufsbuden meanwhile thousands visitors tightens and to a tourist attraction developed.

The Potsdamer road (with direct connection at the Potsdamer place) strives, their imageto improve as shopping street - and that is also necessary. In the main street, one finds less and less business for the daily need to the historical center of beautiful mountain. The acacia road branching from the main race, those to it following Goltzstrasse and the Kiezaround the winter field place form to it with many cafes and taverns, arts and crafts enterprises, for a breath of alternative scene as well as the large weekly market an extremely vital counterpart. At the John f. - Kennedy place dominates the public administration with the office for district, the senate administrations for economics, work and womenas well as law, at the Heinrich of Kleist - park national constitutional court and Court of Appeal. In the Friedenauer Rhine route again the customer finds many interesting retail businesses. Trade areas are in the Alboinstrasse, at who duration the way and in the Naumannstrasse. The planned new building of the remote station Papestrasse,the settlements of building house and IKEA on the old RAW - areas as well as the new building of a large supermarket promise also in the area north the Saxonia dam a new development.

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of sons and daughters of the former city

once and now in beautiful mountain living personalities

Arno Holz, Stübbenstraße 5
Arno wood, Stübbenstrasse 5
Ferruccio Busoni, Viktoria-Luise-Platz 11
Ferruccio Busoni, Viktoria Luise place 11
Billy Wilder, Viktoria-Luise-Platz 11
Billy of savage, Viktoria Luise place 11
Albert Einstein, Haberlandstr. 8
Albert Einstein, Haberlandstr. 8
Kurt Tucholsky, Bundesallee 79
briefly Tucholsky, federal avenue 79

In addition in beautiful mountain lie on the old person pc. Matte house cemetery in the Grossgörschenstrasse 12 bury:

coordinates: 52° 29 ' N, 13° 22 ' O


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