Berlin waiting mountain

situation of the local part in the district Lichtenberg

waiting mountain is a local part in the district Lichtenberg of Berlin. In the linguistic usage the development area waiting mountain is usually meant, not the old village waiting mountain.


1250 was built the village church waiting mountain. 1270 were mentioned for the first time the village with the denomination one „Bernhardus de Wartenberge “ in a brandenburgischen document. At 1845 the development of waiting mountain began with rural living and agricultural worker houses. The manor waiting mountain changed 1882 into the possession of Berlin. Since this time the vegetable growing coined/shaped the region. 1945 were blown up the village church waiting mountain by the armed forces.

Since that 20. December 1985 is waiting mountain of high beautiful living with the rapid-transit railway attainable. This new building distance was built for direction Oranienburg starting from Springpfuhl for the development of the new populated area high beautiful living/waiting mountain and should after original planning once into the Karower cross be merged later.

Structurally waiting mountain is arranged very different. Thus are direct at the rapid-transit railway yard waiting mountain WBS 70 - buildings, at the restaurant Wartenberger yard many again established single family houses; in the village center there are still old farms.

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coordinates: 52° 34 ' N, 13° 31 ' O


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