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Wappen des ehemaligen Bezirks Wedding
coat of arms of the former district Wedding
Lage Wedding in Berlin
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Land of the Federal Republic: Berlin
height: 52 m and. NN
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 52° 33 ' N, 13° 22 ' O
52° 33 ' N, 13° 22 ' O
postal zip codes: 13351, 13353, 13355, 13349,13347, 13359, 13357
preselection: 030
Kfz characteristics: B
of the office for district:
Müllerstr. 146/147
13353 Berlin
official Website:
mayor: Joachim Zeller (CDU)
Prinzenallee, Ecke Osloer Straße
prince avenue, corner Oslo road

of the Wedding is a local part in the district center of Berlin. Up to the administrative reform at the 1. January 2001 gave it the independent district to Wedding with its district part of healthy wells. The former district Wedding was fused with the former districts center and zoo to the new district center.

The Wedding belongsto the few place names, which are used in German with article, the Wedding (reminds of the origin as property yard and Vorwerk) and therefore one said he lives on the Wedding (in the city dialect he lives uff´m Wedding) and/or. “toWedding ". Today however “in the Wedding” prefers.

Important places in the Wedding: Leopoldplatz (Leo), Nettelbeckplatz

green belts in the Wedding: People park Humboldthain, Schillerpark, people park of deer mountains

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Historische Alte Nazarethkirche auf dem Leopoldplatz
historical old persons Nazarethkirche on the Leopoldplatz
Kleingärten an der Bornholmer Straße
allotments at the Bornholmer road

in 13. Century was mentioned the village Wedding for the first time as Wüstung, thus as abandoned settlement. The mill of the place was sold to the Benediktinerinnenkloster in Spandau, upthe Gemarkung of the village lying leaning property possession of the city Berlin became. In 14. Century the surfaces were used by citizen of Berlin citizen still to the agriculture, afterwards it over-grew completely with Kiefern and oaks and as a citizen of Berlin city heath was designated. In 17. Century was put on in the area of the today's Nettelbeckplatzes a property yard, which was already handed over 1603 to the brandenburgischen cure prince. This let establish from it a Vorwerk. Thus the property yard kurfürstliche domain and legal no more was to the city Berlinbelonging.

In connection with the development of Berlin and the wood needed for it the city heath was again completely gerodet nearly, so that the country verödete around the Wedding. In 18. Century began the extensive settlement of the area north Berlin, with it concomitantlythe Weddings.1778 was established the first Kolonistenhäuser within the range of the today's Weddingplatzes. 1782 left Friedrich II. a colony create, which received the name Wedding or new Wedding due to its proximity to the property yard.

Center 18. Century, during thatto the Wedding belonging healthy well to a bathing and a health resort was removed, held gambling and the prostitution in the Wedding introduction. It changed itself thereby to a nightclub district.

To the end 19. Century developed the Wedding by the continuous migration from the landinto a worker district. Closely pushed the workers in so-called tenement houses lived. The worst Auswucherungen of this urban Moloches developed in the Meyers yard. This tenement house is still considered as singular example of extremely compressed land development.

At present the Weimar Republicthe Wedding also a center of the labour parties was and as red Wedding well-known. At the 1. May 1929 came it to a bloody collision between police and demonstrator, which admit as blood May became.

Beside the district Reinickendorf belonged to that District Wedding in the years from 1945 to 1990 to the French sector of Berlin.

Straßenbahnhaltestelle mit Kiosk in der Seestraße


city hall
Supermarkt in der Müllerstraße
supermarket in the Mueller route
U-Bahnhof Bernauer road, transition from center to the Wedding

today becomes the district center, that the old districtWedding belongs, predominantly inhabited by Migranten and socially weaker ones. Thus the foreigner portion, at the end of of June 2005 is because of the schools in the district center, with 63,1%. (Comparison:Friedrichshain Kreuzberg 56.2%, Pankow 8.1%, Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf 2.3%, Spandau 27.3%, Steglitz Zehlendorf 16.3%, Tempelhof beautiful mountain 35.2%, Neukölln 50.9%, Treptow Köpenick 7.5%, March ancestor Heller village 11.9%, Lichtenberg 20.5%, Reinickendorf 23.7%)

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