Berlin bishop conference

the citizens of Berlin bishop conference was the meeting of the Roman-catholic bishops of the GDR of 1976 - 1990.

When after the building of the Wall 1961 the division of Germany was solidified and the participation of the bishops of the GDR at the German bishop conference was prevented, the seelsorglichen requirements led to their own meeting of the East German bishops, first the citizen of Berlin conference of full professor.

In the future the pressure of the government of the GDR increased to the Apostoli chair to establish its own bishop conference as „auctoritas territorialis “; to 10. July 1974 submitted the Ambassador of the GDR in Italy the formal suggestion of the GDR government to the Apostoli chair to lead conversations on minister of foreign affairs level. Although (west) - German bishop conference this procedure as favorably not regarded, it came to 26. July 1976 for the establishment of the citizens of Berlin bishop conference as more independently, not however than national bishop conference of the GDR.

Great importance was attached to the formulation in the statute of the German bishop conference, to 25. September 1976 was confirmed by the Apostoli chair. Article 1 designates the German bishop conference as „the union of the bishops of the German Diözesen “. According to this formulation belonged thus also the bishops in the area of the GDR, further to the German bishop conference. The bishop of Berlin was officially also member of the German bishop conference and let itself by its West-Berliner Generalvikar be represented.

1990, after which reunification of Germany, Germans and citizen of Berlin bishop conference became united to the German bishop conference.


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