Flagge Bermudas
Wappen Bermudas
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Wahlspruch: “Quo Fata Ferunt “(latin)

dt. Where the fate drives us

office language English
capital Hamilton
system of government British overseas territories of the united Kingdom of
head of state queen Elizabeth II.
Governor John Vereker
head of the government Alex Scott
surface 53.3 km ²
number of inhabitants 65,365 (conditions July 2005)
population density of 1226.4 inhabitants per km ²
currency Bermuda dollar
time belt UTC -4
national anthem God save the Queen
Kfz characteristic
internet TLD .bm
preselection +1,441
Karte von Bermuda
Lage von Bermuda

Bermuda is a Inselgruppe in the Atlantic, as British overseas territories part of the united kingdom are. It is appropriate east US - the Federal State North Carolina with
coordinates: 32° 20 ' 00 " N and 64° 45 ' 00 " W
32° 20 ' 00 " N and 64° 45 ' 00 " W.

The Bermuda islandsare particularly for the Bermudadreieck, for the Bermudashorts and the Bermuda Rigg admits become.

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satellite photo of Bermuda

the Bermuda islandsare particularly by the Bermudadreieck admits become, in whose range ships and also airplanes are to have disappeared again and again.

The climate on the Bermuda islands is subtropical humid. However also lowest temperatures of 5 degrees can occur in January. In Septemberit comes frequently to hurricanes.

The highest collection of the country is the Town Hill with 79 M. Strong dismembering of the islands and the numerous Karsthöhlen are remarkable. The island is surrounded by corral reefs, at the furthest lain northon earth. Since rivers on the islands are missing, the rain water in cisterns must be collected.

Of the subtropical vegetation Gummibäume , Salbei are characteristic - kinds and the Bermuda Zeder. At some coast regions also Mangroven grow.

Upthe Bermuda islands has the kind of bird Bermuda Sturmvogel nearly become extinct its breeding places.

On the Bermuda islands it gives several national park, both over and under water.


70% the inhabitant are black ones and Mulatten, 30% are White one. The colored ones are descendants of African slaves, the white ones of British origin. The capital Hamilton has 3,000 inhabitants. The office - and colloquial language is the British English. The largest portion of the inhabitants is Protestant (usually anglikanisch), 15% are Roman catholic, 1% are Jehovas a witness.

The inhabitants of Bermuda enjoy a very high standard of living; the cost of living is very high. There is practically no unemployment. Over 80% of the government budget become for social security benefits and education spent.

Of 6. to 17. Lebensjahr exists general compulsory schooling. The Bermuda college obtain a university formation; to the actual university studies the students go into the USA or to Canada.

Many inhabitants Bermudas exercise several occupations. Letting down opposite certainIs unknown to work. It is only permitted to the colored majority starting from 1961 to sit beside white ones in the bus, cinema or restaurant. But nowadays the integration of the different skin colors functions as well as hardly elsewhere, which by the way also for touristsapplies. The criminality rate is extremely low, therefore the tiny prison stands usually empty.


Bermuda was discovered by the Spaniards, who went however because of the dangerous reefs, which surround the island, not ashore.

First Settlers were English Kolonisten on the way after Virginia, which stranded after a shipwreck 1609 on the island. The group under the guidance of Sir George Somers spent there 10 months. Their reports on the island excited in Englandlarge attention, so that Jakob I. the powers over the islands to 1615 to the Bermuda company handed over. 1612 became of approximately 60 British Kolonisten pc. George based. A deputy government was used 1620, whereupon Bermuda became an independent colony.

Because ofthe separatingness of the islands concentrated their economics on trade with salt and the Zedernholz suitable well for shipbuilding. Hamilton, a port lain central, which had been created 1790, became 1815 capital.

During the Second World War was Bermuda an important basis for US-American troops. 1941 established the US-American army two firm of troop bases, in response got the British armed forces surplus US-American destroyers. 1995 was closed the US-American , Canadian and British bases.

Bermuda is after the Second World Wareconomically prospered and into a very successful financial center on open ocean developed.1968 were set up a condition, which encouraged since then the demand for independence, although in a referendum of 1995 independence was rejected.


Bermuda is overseas territories of the united kingdom. Head of state is queen Elizabeth II., which will represent appointed governor general by one of it. All important political decisions, in particular the outside - and defense policy, become direct by the government inLondon met.


with the American mainland and with London is Bermuda by several line air services connected. Charter flight lines connect the islands with Europe. On the islands operate national penalty in more closely consequence. The large islands are throughDams and bridges connected.

Per property only one car is certified on Bermuda. Tourists can select between bicycle, bus, taxi, Pferdedroschke and the scooter, the national vehicle of the Bermuda islands; commercial car lettings does not give it.


The most important industry is the tourism with 40% of the gross domestic product. Approximately 90% of the tourists come from the USA, but increasingly also from Western Europe. There Bermuda “tax - Paradies " (with low control items) is, settled themselvesthere credit institutes and insurance on. A part of the incomes originates also from the farm lease of an area as military base to the USA.

The subtropical climate makes an intensive agriculture possible. Above all tropical fruits , potatoes , vegetable , tobacco are cultivated and flowers (above all lilies). Fishing covers only the own need. Apart from the lime used as building material no Bodenschätze are present. Small industrial companies process odoriferous substances and manufacture pharmacy products and cosmetic products .

Above all tropical fruits are implemented,Vegetable, flowers, plant extracts and cosmetic-pharmaceutical products. Food of all kinds, oil products and motor vehicles is introduced after Bermuda.


on the Bermuda islands is maintained British tradition. This shows up for example with numerous parades, with the festive uniforms, with the “old England” - window blind of the localities and also in the kitchen.


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