Bernd Clüver

Bernd Clüver (* 10. April 1948 in Hildesheim) is a German hit singer.

After its Abitur and the German Federal Armed Forces time he studied five terms jurisprudence. During its law studies he already dedicated himself to the music. Its career as singers began then with the SOUTHWESTERN GERMAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION talent shed on the radio exhibition 1971 in Berlin. In September 1971 then a disk contract followed with the label Hansa. In May 1972 it took you at the Second Channel of German Television hit parade with the title „comes for the first time again “part, with moderate success. In January 1973 Bernd participated again in the Second Channel of German Television hit parade . This mark with the title “the boy with the harmonica “and with success, because quasi over night spoke everyone of “the boy with the harmonica” and Bernd in the media was celebrated. It immediately started the large-scale attack on the hit industry and published further hits like “the small prince” or “the gate to the garden of the dreams “. Since then it is one of the most in demand hit interpreters in Germany.

Nobody spoke of the straw fire or the Eintagsfliege, because with the sales numbers he could disclaim such statements. Altogether it sold meanwhile over 10 million clay/tone carrier and had far over 5000 appearances on European stages. Its prices are numerous. Consistent work and not leaving creativity provide for the nature talent, talented singer, authors, moderator, producer and publisher an incontestable place in “fame-resound” to German-language popular music. Beside its work as hit singers it had also success as broadcast moderator, among other things with the southwest radio Baden-Baden.

It lived among other things in the “long rotting first race” in Mannheim (over/close of a pharmacy).

Today Bernd Clüver with his second Mrs. Anja lives, measures Germany 1986/87 and Queen OF Europe 1987, on Mallorca.


  • the boy with the harmonica” golden Hansa Kogge sold honors golden harmonica of the high he works
  • for 500.000 1973 as a most successful interpreter of the record company HANSA
  • golden Europe 1973 as new generation artists most eligible for promotion
  • golden Europe 1974 as a most popular interpreter
  • golden lion 1973 of radio Luxembourg for the song “the boy with the harmonica”
  • golden lion 1974 of radio Luxembourg for the song “the small prince”
  • bronze lion 1974 of radio Luxembourg for the song “the gate to the garden of the dreams”
  • golden tuning fork 1981
  • golden tuning fork 1985
  • golden tuning fork 1991
  • Bravo Otto in silver 1973 in the category “most popular singer”
  • Bravo Otto in silver 1974 in the category “most popular singer”
  • Music polling (forerunner “echo”) as most successful singers 1973
  • honour ring of the magazine “music information” as most popular singers 1973
  • hit diamond - German hit price 1993 1.000.000 Singles “the boy
  • with the harmonica” golden
  • record (
  • single) for 1.000.000 sold Singles “the small prince” golden record (LP)
  • for 500.000, sold by NDR 1 wave north Charivari “hit heart” 2002 golden
  • microphone golden record (single) for, sold golden CD to LPs “the boy with
  • the harmonica” as an author for “queen of the night” (interpreter: Peter Orloff)
  • platinum CD for 1.000.000 sold - a heart for children” to CDs “the superhit parade

among other things


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