Bernd nickel

Bernd nickel (* 15. March 1949) was a German soccer player. Because of its firm shot he became also under the pointed name a “doctor hammer” admits.

Nickel began its career 1957 at the sports association Eisemroth. it changed 1966 to unity Frankfurt, for which it obtained 141 gates in 426 federal league plays altogether and won with which it 1974 , 1975 as well as 1981 the DFB cup. It achieved its largest sporty success in the year 1980 with the profit of the UEFA cup. Frankfurt triumphed against Borussia Mönchengladbach/TV with 1-0 and 2-3. Nickel played until 1983 with the unity. It was above all admits for its extremely hard shot remote shots and freistösse.

To its career played it ended 1983/84 with the Young Boys Berne. Nickel was appointed four times in the DFB team.


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