Bernd cutter (football player)

Bernd cutter in June 2005

Bernd cutter (* 17. November 1973 in Jena) is a German football player. It plays at present for Bavarian Leverkusen. With Leverkusen it became 2000 and 2002 vice-masters in the 1. Soccer federal league, with the German national team became a cutter of 2002 vice-world champions with the world championship in Japan and South Korea.

At the place “Schnix” distinguishes, as it by friends is called, its versatility, so that he can dress positions in the central and defensive centre zone as well as in the defense apart from his traditional position in the halfright centre zone also. When strong technician is he able to bring its fellow players into good firing situations whereby it looks for the conclusion rather rarely, this in addition, already with success did (with Bavarian Leverkusen it was in the season 2003/04 with ten hits one of the torgefährlichsten midfield players in the league).

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association career

with that soccer games began cutters at the age of six years with structure Jena (today sports association Lobeda 77). Three years later it changed for the most well-known association of the region, to the fiber plastic Carl Zeiss Jena. There it played only in various youth crews, before it was accepted to the season 1991/1992 to the cadre of the first crew and to 13. August 1991 its professional debut at the age of 17 years in the 2. Soccer federal league gave. In the first three years in the cadre of the first crew cutter came only to occasional employments. This changed only in the season 1994/1995, as it in all season plays to the employment came and with seven gates for relevant portion of the direct reclimb of the crew into the 2. Federal league had. In this year Carl Zeiss Jena could achieve also the Thuringia cup. The next three years spent cutters with Jena in the second federal league and it ascended to a firm size in the crew structure. After Jena 1997/1998 the class receipt in the 2. Federal league missed, changed cutters into the 1. Soccer federal league to the Aufsteiger unity Frankfurt.

With Frankfurt cutter became direct the master player and could be characterised by four gates and seven gate collecting mains. Only on the last play day itself the unity in an exciting season final knew victory by a surprising 5:1 - against the 1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern the whereabouts in the first professional league secure. Cutter had crucially participated in it with a gate and a gate collecting main. At this time it was however already well-known that the 25-year old association would change to the season end to leave and to the Rhine to Bavarian Leverkusen.

Cutter began its first season (1999/2000) with Leverkusen as a master player, could this position particularly in the second season half however no more maintain and more and more in a Jokerrolle was in such a way used. Leverkusen missed the championship in this season quasi in last second and reserved at the end the second seat. Cutter obtained three gates in the season. Also in his second season with Leverkusen cutter did not come beyond the Jokerrolle, two gates stood at the end on his account and Leverkusen reserved seat 4 in the federal league.

2001/2002 finally created cutters the jump into the master formation of the work eleven. Five gates and eleven gate collecting mains witnessed at the end of a successful season for the 28-Jährigen. The joy over this strong season was clouded however by the crucial defeats in the federal league (Leverkusen missed again scarcely the championship), in the DFB Pokalfinale and in champions the League final. The fact that cutter reserved the second seat also with the German national team at the end with the soccer world championship 2002 fit the seasonal trend.

To the season 2002/2003 some important players of the previous years had left the association, so that cutter role in the crew became still more important. With the increasing pressure cutter could not deal however always successfully, so that Leverkusen only late in the season the descent into the 2. Federal league to prevent could. Cutter missed the last season plays due to a barrier for a place reference. 2003/2004 became more successful for the national player, with ten season gates could it Leverkusen at place 3 and thus back into the international business lead. 2004/2005 handed 6. Place for qualification for the UEFA cup.

The current season (2005/2006) was clouded for cutters so far by a red barrier and smaller injuries. Its past three season gates were not sufficient, in order to lead Leverkusen from the centre zone of the table further forward. Cutter contract with Bavarian Leverkusen runs up to the conclusion of the season 2008/2009.

national team

cutter completed so far 61 portions (1 gate) in the Dress of the German national team (conditions: 23. March 2006). Its debut it gave to 28. July 1999 with 2:0 - success against New Zealand in Guadalajara, was considered however not for the cadre to the European championship 2000.

With the national team it reached 2002 the final of the world championship in Japan and South Korea, in which it made one of the best plays of its career against the Brazilian eleven. Two years later the participation followed with the European championship 2004 in Portugal. With the Konföderationen cup in Germany cutter led to 21. June 2005 in the play against Argentina the German team for the first time as a captain on the playing field.

The world championship 2006 in Germany is a large goal for cutters. Despite constantly growing competition on his position cutter seems set with national coach Jürgen Klinsmann for this tournament.


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