Bernhard Adelung

Bernhard Adelung (* 30. November 1876 in Bremen; † 24. February 1943 in Darmstadt) was a social-democratic politician and president of the republic Hessen.

Bernhard Adelung was learned printer and typesetter. it went to 1896 on journey and terminated these one year later in Mainz. it occurred 1897 the SPD. 1902 he became an editor of the Mainzer people newspaper and had already one year later because of majesty offense for three months in the prison. At the 1. December 1903 he was selected into the federal state parliament Grand Duchy of Hessen darmstadt, to which he belonged up to the dissolution by the LV regime 1933 ( starting from 1919 federal state parliament of the republic Hessen). In the First World War it participated as a war kriegsfreiwilliger. Starting from 1920 to 1928 ennobling was in Mainz a mayor, whereby he came again and again with French crew power into conflict and was proven twice into the vacant region to Darmstadt.

To 14. February 1928 was selected ennobling as a successor of his Mentors Carl Ulrich to the president (corresponds to the today's Prime Minister) of the republic Hessen. Its government, consisting of a coalition of SPD, center and strip packing, among other things with William Leuschner as Ministers of the Interior, stepped to 8. December 1931 after the elections of the federal parliament from November 1931 due to strong being correct losses back. Since however no majority came for the education of a new federal state government, the government under ennobling officiated still 15 months. After to 5. The national socialists the substantial participation in the federal state government demanded March 1933 won realm tag choice. This happened then also with the choice of the NSDAP - politician Ferdinand Werner with the federal state parliament delegates of the NSDAP and center to 13. March 1933 to the new president of the republic Hessen.


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