Bernhard Fischer Schweder

Bernhard Fischer Schweder (* 12. January 1884 in Spandau, † 28. November 1960) was SA upper leader z.V. and SS-Oberführer; in the summer 1941, as a police director in Memel at the mass murder of several thousand Jews in Lithuania table of contents

takes part


it could prove neither a higher graduation nor to final attendance of a mechanical engineering school. In the year 1921 it was member in a free corps and a 1923 served it in „the black realm resistance “.

Fischer Schweder became already 1925 member of the NSDAP (carriers of the golden decoration of the party) and the SA. 1938 took place the transport to the SA upper leader in Schlesien. In March 1933 it occurs the police service Berlin Charlottenburg .

It visited a Fortbildungslehrgang as Kriminalkommissar. After in the branch office Liegnitz of several years of the Gestapoleitstelle Breslau he is appointed in October 1940 as a kommissarischer police director of Memel.

In January 1941 the installation took place as a police director in Memel (lit. Klaipėda). To 15. August 1941 took place the assumption of Fischer Schweder as an upper leader into the SS. In Memel it was participated responsible with the list ad hoc of the formed „employment command Tilsit “(the part of the group of employments of A was) and so for the mass murder in litauischen civilians. Few days after the invasion into the Soviet Union in June 1941 it is involved with its security police command in a Massenexekution by Jews in the border place Garsden.

Massenexekution on behalf of the armed forces: Enterprise “Duesseldorf”

on Sunday, the 22. June 1941, had the 61. Infantry division under lieutenant general Siegfried hectar-nods (1) the task to advance in northeast direction toward Telschei. For this purpose the elimination of the place Garsden should take place in the litauischen border area. Was from that about 3000 inhabitants of this place 600 to 700 Jews. During the attack the German impact grouping had a loss of 100 men with the infantrymen.

In the evening of the daily SS-Brigadeführer Dr. came. Walter Stahlecker, leader of the group of employments of A to the Gestapoleitstelle after Tilsit with the order, 25 km a broad border strip of Jews and communist suspecting “clean”. The Gestapochef of Tilsit, government advice and SS-Sturmbannführer Hans Joachim Böhme, was instructed, to get itself reinforcement with the police director from Memel to. Fischer Schweder, which was informed only briefly before the Exekution by shooting of Jews, called on it surprised out: “Thunder weather, that are consequences, which the Russia campaign brings with itself, of one first did not think” (2). First against-willingly, but then nevertheless ready, he defended the shooting before his Schupo command with the reason, the prisoners in a speech for the German troops resistance would have carried out.

employments of Fischer Schweder starting from at the end of of 1942

starting from October 1942 it is inserted as SS and a police leader into Charkow. Because of a casino shooting it was disciplinarily punished 1943 and shifted to the weapon SS into the body banner Adolf Hitler. It was on January 1945 company leaders last in the 12. SS-armored division „Hitler Youth “.

after 1945

after 1945 it accepts a wrong name and submerges. Then it leads a refugee camp. When it over resume itself into the police service applies, its true identity is determined, on which its arrest takes place.

In the Ulmer process of group of employments 1957/58 became Fischer Schweder to 29. August 1958 because of „aid to the joint murder in 526 cases “ to 10 years penintentiary condemns (3) (4).


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