Bernhard Goetzke

Bernhard Goetzke (* 5. June 1884 in Danzig; † 7. October 1964 in Berlin) was a German actor of the silent movie era.


after its training as the actor it was at first active at different stages in Hagen , Dresden and Berlin. Its most important role in the film is the impressing representation death in Fritz along tired death 1921. Its work with long sat down away in Dr. Mabuse, the player 1922 as a public prosecutor Norbert von Wenk and as peoples of Alzey into the Nibelungen 1924. Afterwards it transferred the main role engineer shopkeeper to Gerhard Lamprechts social drama the of ill repute ones 1925 and played also into its successors the illegitimate ones 1926. Its last main role had it 1929 in Salamander, one the first GermanSoviet Koproduktionen. After arising the Tonfilmes, he divided the fate of many colleagues and its meaning schwandt. It went now only as Nebendarsteller into action.

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