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Bernhard Heiliger (* 11. November 1915 in Stettin, † 25. October 1995 in Berlin) was a German sculptor.

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after stone sculptor teachings andtraining at the Stettiner Werkschule for arranging work, he studied at the citizens of Berlin academy of art with Arno Breker and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations disk. 1939 it was in Paris, where it met with Aristide Maillol and work of Augusts Rodin and Constantin Brancusi studied. 1941it was called up into the war service and abkommandiert to the east defected to 1944 and hid themselves to end of war in Northern Germany. From 1947 to 1949 holy had a training order at the university for applied art in Berlin white lake. 1949 appointed it Karl Hofer to the university forScreen end of arts (since 2001 university of the arts) in Berlin. Bernhard Heiliger participated 1956 to the Biennale in Venice and three times to documenta in Kassel (1955, 1960 and 1964). 1956 it was distinguished with the large art price by North Rhine-Westphalia, 1974it received the large Distinguished Service Cross of the earnings/service medal of the Federal Republic of Germany, 1975 the Lovis Corinth price. 1996 were created the Bernhard holy donation.


Nike “(1956), Marl

its artistic work reaches from expressiven small plastics and Portraitköpfen of important persons of its time up to abstractLarge sculptures in the public area, which remind in their aesthetics of works Henry of moorland.

Particularly well-known works are among other things

single exhibitions (selection)

  • Bernhard Heiliger retrospective, art and exhibition hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn, 1995
  • retrospective, national museum, Stettin (Poland), 1998
  • Bernhard Heiliger - the heads, George Kolbe museum, Berlin, 2001
  • Bernhard Heiliger1915-1995: Cosmos of a sculptor, Martin Gropius building, Berlin, 2005/06

books and catalogs

  • Bernhard Heiliger - the heads, vienna and publishing house, 2000
  • Lothar Romain, Siegfried salt man: Bernhard Heiliger, Propyläen, 1989

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