Bert Appermont

Bert Appermont (* 27. December 1973 in Bilzen, Belgium) is a Belgian composer and musician.

It studied joint, orchestra and blowing orchestra management at January Haderman, Edmond Saveniers and January van the Roost at the Lemmens institute in Leuven in Belgium. 1998 it locked its studies with the diploma at Institut. With further studies to the Bournemouth Media School it acquired the master OF music Design for film & Television in Great Britain, in order to complete its abilities within the range of the composition for musical, film and television.

Bert Appermont was a teacher at the music academy in Beverst, Belgium and to humaniora and Musikhumaniora in hate ELT, province Limburg, Belgium. It keeps lectures present at the catholic university Limburg, Belgium and at the music academy of Lanaken, Belgium and Genk, Belgium.

As a composer it wrote so far spreading units for blowing orchestras, symphony orchestras, choir and chamber music as well as two of musical. It belongs to a new generation of promising Belgian composers in the surrounding field of January van the Roost, which composes founded works and provides thereby rapid acknowledgment in the professional world. Inspired of Johan de Meij (Symphonie No. 1 “The lord OF the of ring”) and Philip Sparke (thanks Movements) he composed a Symphonie by program for Symphoni blowing orchestra, in which each instrument in the orchestra an important role comes. The orchestra is extended by harp and piano. The premiere let the Insider listen attentively spontaneously and lets the professional world and the blowing orchestras hopeful into the future look.


of works for blowing orchestra

  • 1997 The Awakening
  • 1998 Colors for trombone for trombone and Symphoni blowing orchestra
    • 1. Yellow
    • 2. Talk
    • 3. Blue
    • 4. Green
  • 2000 The round table
  • 2000 Gullivers Travels
    • 1. Lily PUT (country OF the avoiding GET)
    • 2. Brobdingnag (country OF the giants)
    • 3. Laputa (The floating Iceland)
    • 4. The Houyhnms (country OF the Horses)
  • 2002 the seed sow to (Zaad van Satan) the musical for 7 soloists, choir and Symphoni blowing orchestra
  • 2002 Jericho
    • 1. Years OF of exiles
    • 2. The Battle OF Jericho
    • 3. Victory
    • 4. Celebration
  • 2003 Symphonie No. 1Gilgamesch
    • 1. Sentence: Gilgamesch and Enkidu
    • 2. Sentence: Battle OF of titanium
    • 3. Sentence: Adventures into the Forest
    • 4. Sentence: Journey dead Utnapishim
  • 2004 Egmont Symphoni seal
  • 2004 Ivanhoe
    • 1. Code OF Chivalry
    • 2. Loyalte or Love
    • 3. Battle and final
  • A Celebrating many situation for choir (ad. dear.) and blowing orchestra
  • Absalon
  • Noah's Ark
    1. The Message
    2. parade OF the Animals
    3. The Storm
    4. Song OF Hope
  • Rapunzel
    • 1. The Witch into the guards
    • 2. Rapunzel into the Tower
    • 3. The Prince into the Forest
    • 4. The end
  • to The Age OF Aquarius

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