Berthold Goldschmidt

Berthold Goldschmidt (* 18. January 1903 in Hamburg; † 17. October 1996 in London) was a German composer, who had to flee 1935 before the national socialists to England.

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Bertold Goldschmidt buildup as a son of a buyer family in Hamburg and was starting from 1922 composition pupils of Franz Schreker in Berlin. Here it won 1925 the Mendelssohn price with its Passacaglia for orchestras op.4, which was uraufgeführt also by Erich nuthatch. Already during the study it its assistant and was involved, not only in this function, at the premiere of the opera Wozzeck of Alban mountain in the 14.Dezember 1925. In the Wozzeck performances it played besides the Celesta - an instrument, whose part it took over also with some other important works of the so-called second Viennese school. For example with the Gurrelieder of Arnold beautiful mountain or the premiere of Anton Weberns Passacaglia op.1. Further works of Goldschmidt specified in Chemnitz , Oldenburg , Vienna and Geneva up to its first opera the enormous Hahnrei 1932 in Mannheim.

Goldschmidt, “one of large hopes of the German music 1933 ago” (Hans Ferdinand fair) could 1935 to England flee and had like many emigrants again begin. Until in the eighties it was forgotten as a composer. Between 1958 and 1982 only one composition developed. In this time he worked also as a conductor and engaged themselves for the music Gustav Mahlers, from its fragments to 10. Symphony it together with Deryck Cooke 1964 a performance version provided, which is played today again and again until.

With its Wiederentdeckung developed nearly 20 works, which were uraufgeführt internationally and also again in Berlin. Also its opera the enormous Hahnrei was specified 1994 after over 60 years in Berlin and is in the meantime like numerous other works on clay/tone carriers available.


selection out over 70 works, which partially also verschollen are:


  • 1926 Sonate op.10
  • 1927 Capriccio op.11


of songs

  • approx. 1942: The Verflossene (Cabaret Song) for singing and piano

chamber music

of orchestra works

  • 1926 Passacaglia for orchestra op.4
  • 1995/1996 Deux NOC-does gymnastics. Drama TIC Aria for Soprano at Orchestra


thanks of the exile research gives it in the meantime numerous publications in particular from Michael Struck and Barbara shrubs.

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