Bertrand Gille

Bertrand Gille (* 24. March 1978) is a French Handballer. It is considered as one of the best circle runners of the world.

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Bertrand Gille ranks among the world-best circle runners in the hand ball. It began its career in the French town Valence with the OSC Loriol. The change to the OS Chambéry Savoie in the year 1996 meant the position change for Gille also to the circle runner. With Chambéry he celebrated 2001 the franzöische championship since that 1. July 2002 plays Bertrand Gille for the HSV Hamburg in the federal league. In the same year also its brother Guillaume Gille changed to the HSV. In the year 2002 Bertrand Gille was selected to the Welthandballer of the yearly. Among its largest successes rank apart from the profit of the world championship with France 2001 in the own country, also the victory with the European championship 2006 in Switzerland, as in the final game of the acting world champions Spain sovereign one defeated. Furthermore Bertand and Guillaume Gille as well as the team of the HSV Hamburg 2006 won the DHB cup with finally the Four final game in the domestic Color the LINE arena in Hamburg.


  • Size: 187 cm
  • weight: 98 kg
  • pointed name: Bobo
  • leotard number: 14 with the HSV Hamburg. Number 6 at the French national team
  • nationality: French
  • brothers and sisters: 2 brothers: Guillaume and Benjamin
  • family status: Married with Raphaelle. 2 children: Son Tao. Daughter Zora.

largest ones of successes

  • world champions of 2001
  • European champions 2006

  • French hand ball master 2001
  • German Cup winner of 2006
  • vice-Cup winners in Germany 2004
  • Supercupsieger in Germany 2004


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