Vocational school

the vocational school is a school form in the range of the professional training schools, in North Rhine-Westphalia of the Berufskollegs. The vocational school obtain the training during their professional training by the skeleton syllabus and/or. contents determined the curriculum of the respective Land of the Federal Republic. It is one of the two columns that Binary training.

The vocational school depends a part-time school with weekly 8 to 12 lessons, on the occupation and the practical training year (not last also of the teacher supply). The instruction time can be combined also into instruction blocks of several weeks. This form becomes in particular with teaching professions with a small numberof training (occupation of fragment so mentioned) selected, if these are informed in country - or federal specialized classes. Usually with it an boarding school-internat. accommodation is connected.

The remaining, thus predominant time serves, then it is at least intended, the switching of contents prescribed after the training outline plan in the enterprise,with that the training contract was locked.

The vocational school and thus the entire training lock with a final examination before a 'competent authority '- this is a term from the vocational training law -. In Germany is this z. B. the Chambers of Commerce and industrie (IHK), those Chambers of trade (HWK), the bars.

The successful conclusion of the professional training is proven after terminated vocational school and the existed final examination with the school-leaving certificate. Become traditional for it in Germany still the designations 'associating letter '(in the handicraft), 'skilled worker letter '(in the technical occupations of the industry or 'buyer assistant letter '(into the commercial occupation) uses.

The training duration amounts to in Germany depending upon occupation 2 to 3.5 years. For the admission of training there are formally no conditions in Germany; from the enterprises a head however in most cases becomes- or material graduation or the appropriate qualification presupposed.

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the vocational training law of the Federal Republic of Germany which can be trained plans a so-called of dual professional training system . Those which can be trainee are trained at two learning places. One of it the vocational school forms, for the other one the training enterprise. While in the training enterprise the practical training takes place, general screen end and theoretical contents should be obtained in the vocational school. However there are training workshops with Praxisunterrricht in the sense of the work school in the vocational schools also. Today one calls this action-oriented instruction. Legal basis for it are the skeleton syllabusand the guidelines for the fan concerned. General screen end fan becomes such as z. B. German, politics and theoretical technical, which are different depending upon teaching profession, in addition, practical fan inform.

Vocational school education finds either as part-time instruction, D. h. several times, usually twice in the week,or however as block instruction, D. h. several weeks at the piece, instead of. In the remaining times training in the training enterprise “are trained”.

A common goal of vocational school and training enterprise must be it after the vocational training law, those the training goal, D. h. to mediate the occupation conclusion appropriate talents and knowledge.The examinations are aligned by the appropriate chambers. In case of commercial occupations is this z. B. the IHK (Chamber of Commerce and industrie).

For training in the vocational school physical presence obligation, which becomes achievements with an occupation school report confirmed, exists. The teacher is obligated, training as the attendance of the vocational schoolto continue. The successful conclusion of the vocational school usually makes, depending upon Land of the Federal Republic, resuming school attendances possible. Vocational schools are assigned in most cases occupation relating to crafts in each case or to commercial. The vocational schools of the responsible in each case school boards are supervised. They are subordinate to the school laws of the respective Land of the Federal Republic.

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