Piece of improvement

the piece of improvement marks a special form of the old Viennese of piece of people, a whose goal internal Läuterung and moral improvement are. Its bloom time experienced the category of the piece of improvement at the beginning 19. Century also over 30.000 performances alone in Vienna.


usuallythe improvement of humans, who do not add themselves from stupidity, discontent or measuringness the social order, is represented. This takes place via examinations and strokes of fate. Frequently supernatural natures intervene such as Feen and Zauberer in the happening, which both for larger Bildhaftigkeit and for maintenanceto ensure is. The piece of improvement has always a lucky end, which shows up in the integration into good-civil conditions. The improvement is to be passed by identification also to the public - usually from the lower social classes -. Accordingly it avails itself of a rather mundartlichen, the publictrusted language.


outstanding representatives of the piece of improvement are

Johann Nestroy finally place to 1833 the social improvement of humans in its piece the bad spirit Lumpazivagabundus or the careless clover sheet as illusory and artificialonly. By it the end of the piece of improvement accompanies with the fall of the civil age. Ödön of Horváth takes up the topic of the improvement in its stories from the Viennese forest likewise and replaces these however by stagnation of the Protagonisten.


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