Bessie Smith

Bessie Smith [ˈbɛsɪˈsmɪθ] (* 15. April 1894 in Chattanooga, threshing floor lake; † 26. September 1937 in Clarksdale, Mississippi) was an US-American Bluessängerin. Bessie Smith controlled the Bluesszene in the 20's like no different one. None their competitor insidelike Chippie Hill, Alberta Hunter, mA Rainey or Clara Smith could hand it in that time the water.


you was one of six children and buildup in deepest poverty in a small, ramshackle hut. Her father, a Prediger,briefly their nut/mother died after her birth, when she was nine years old. This childhood described it in the piece of Washwoman Blues. In order to flee from the misery, it attached a Vaudevilletheater and pulled themselves with it by the country. With 17 yearsit followed the Moses Stokes show, where already its brother Clarence worked, as a dancer. There it met also first times on mA the Rainey, which took it under its wings. 1913 arose it in Atlanta in a theatre, where her of the actor Leigh Whipper was noticed. 1918 received it a commitment in Baltimore.

In the course of the Prohibition Bessie got plentifully to do and had many appearances in numerous clubs, which were mostly in the possession of gangsters, who made money with illegal alcohol bar. The drawback was thatshe also with the alcohol in contact came and became alcohol ill finally. Also this is reflected it numerous songs such as The gin house Blues, ME and my gin or Gimme A pigfoot (and A bottle OF more beer) again. After Bessie end of the 20's alreadyWidow was, became acquainted with her Philadelphia Jack Gee, a night watchman. With its first appointment it came in the restaurant to a shooting, with which Jack received a firing wound, to which it succumbed nearly. Bessie visited it often in the hospital and finally married it 1923.

1923 madeit also their first disk photographs down hearted Blues. 1924 arose it the first time in Chicago , to the Blues center of this time. Here also its next single Weeping developed willow for Blues. In this time she co-operated among other things also with Louis Armstrong. Asstarting from 1926 the enthusiasm for the Blues diminished, was forced Bessie to go to route through the Southern States. In March 1928 the piece of Empty came out bed Blues. In this piece there were so many anzügliche remarks over the dear arts of the loving, the partialit was so direct that one had to call the piece pornographisch. This sat down in many pieces, for which end of the 20's developed, away.

At this time the descent already began. Came to 30. Septembers 1929 still the piece of Nobody knows you whenyou´re down and out, but came to it two years long nothing more. At the beginning of of 1933 followed still another album with some remarkable pieces, but their style was not in demand any longer. It tried to change their style had thereby however no large success.

To 26. September 1937 was them few colored ones with a group of white men and women and in a bus on the way. There was an accident, and all white ones were brought immediately into hospitals. Since Bessie Smith was colored, the medics let her lie and Bessie Smithstill bled at the accident place, as a victim of racingism.

It 1980 taken up to the Blues resound to OF Fame.


Stocktaking dates of pieces of Begleitmusiker
1923: 17. February down Hearted Blues. Clarence Williams (piano).
1923: 7. April ticket agent Ease Your Window down. Robert crawl in(Violin); Irving John (piano).
1923: 21. September Jailhouse Blues. Irving John (piano).
1924: 23. July House Rent Blues. Charlie Green (trombone); Fletcher Henderson (piano).
1924: 26. September Weeping Willow Blues. Joe Smith (cornet); Charlie Green (trombone); Fred Longshaw (piano).
1924: 6 . December Follow TheDeal on down.Buster Bailey and Don Redman (Klarinettes); Fred Longshaw (piano).
1925: 24. January pc. Louis Blues; Reckless Blues; You've Been A Good of oils Wagon; Sobbin' Hearted Blues; Cold in and Blues. Louis Armstrong (cornet); Fred Longshaw (Harmonium in the first two pieces; Pianoin the last three pieces).
1925: 5. May Cake Walking babies; The Yellow Dog Blues. Joe Smith (trumpet); Charlie Green (trombone); Buster Bailey (clarinet); Coleman Hawkins (tenor saxophone); Fletcher Henderson (piano); Charlie Dixon (banjo); Bob Escudero (tuba); Emperor marshal (Schlagzeug).
1925: 26. May Careless Love Blues;Nashville Woman's Blues.
1925: 27. May I Ain't Gonna Play NO Second Fiddle; J.C. Cross-beam Blues. Louis Armstrong (cornet); Fred Longshaw (piano); Charlie Green (trombone).
1925: 18. November RK the Christmas ball. Joe Smith (trumpet); Charlie Green (trombone); Fletcher Henderson (piano).
1926: 18. March JazzboBrown From Memphis Town; The Gin House Blues.Fletcher Henderson (piano); Buster Bailey (clarinet).
1926: 4. May baby Doll; Money Blues; Your Head Blues draws. Joe Smith (trumpet); Fletcher Henderson (piano).
1926: 10. October One and Two Blues; Young Woman's Blues. Joe Smith (trumpet); BusterBailey (clarinet); Fletcher Henderson (piano).
1927: 2. March Alexander's rising up time volume; Muddy Water; After You've of Gone; There'll A Hot Time into the old Town Tonight. Joe Smith (trumpet); Fletcher Henderson (piano); Charlie Dixon (banjo); Jimmy Harrison (trombone). Coleman Hawkins plays clarinet in firsttwo pieces; Buster Bailey plays clarinet in the last three pieces.
1927: 3. March Trombone Cholly. Joe Smith (cornet); Charlie Green (trombone); Fletcher Henderson (piano).
1927: 27. September Mean old Bedbug Blues; A Good one Is hard ton find. Porter Grainger (piano); Lincoln Conoway (guitar).
1928: 20. March Empty Bed Blues. Charlie Green (trombone); Porter Grainger (piano).
1928: 24. August Poor Man's Blues. Joe Williams (trombone); Ernest “Sticky” Elliot, Bob filler (saxophone); Porter Grainger (piano).
1928: 25. August ME and My Gin. Joe Williams (trombone); Porter Grainger (piano).
1929: 29.May Nobody Knows You When You're down and Out. OD everything (cornet); Clarence Williams (piano); Cyrus pc. Clair (tuba).
1930: 27. March new Orleans Hop Scop Blues. Louis Bacon (trumpet); Charlie Green (trombone); Garvin Bushnell (clarinet); Clarence Williams (piano).
1930: 22. July Black Mountain Blues. Trumpet and piano unknown (possibly Deamus Dean or OD everything with Clarence Williams).
1931: 20. November I Need A Little Sugar in My Bowl. Fred Langshaw or Clarence Williams (piano).
1933: 24. November Gimme A Pigfoot; Take ME For A Buggy Ride; DO Your Duty;I'm down into the dumps.Frankie Newton (trumpet); Jack Teagarden (trombone); Chu Berry (tenor saxophone); Bend Washington (piano); Bobby Johnson (guitar); Billy Taylor (bass). Benny Goodman plays also in the piece Pigfoot.



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