best-seller (German: Best sellers) are books, which sell themselves in a market segment above average well. It acts thereby both around titles out of the range barking trichloroethylene TIC and special book.

Best-sellers have not from the beginning a higher literary or contentwise value than other works. World best-seller,global well, are usually objects of a ambitionierten and well planned Werbekampagne with enormous Kapitaleinsatz sell themselves.

Beside the advertisement there are still further possibilities, how a book can become a best seller: the positive discussion of a critic, into whom launches mass media (for exampleon the television or supraregional daily paper), can help the book to point places in the best-seller lists. The book review can be also a component of the Werbekampagne specified above. However a review brings in a newspaper or a magazine - which is in the industry well-known -above all publishing house-internally motivation. Paragraph-promoting only one is in the woman Mrs. Brigitte or a large television appearance, example also Talkshow.

Independently of it a book can be promoted in addition, alone by mouth propaganda to a best-seller. This procedure can take months or years and follows,like researchers 2004 , to the statistic rules of a Potenzgesetzes, that the “memory” of of the social system of the readers considered (Physical Review Letters 93, 228701 (2004)).

In more recent time such titles become above average often than motion picture film and with additional means (plays, clothes, Merchandising)continues to market.

The publishing houses pay attention ever more to economy/numbers; a cultural order comes ever more briefly. The formed publishing house programs are rather past. With Suhrkamp a Biografie of a mountain climber would have been inconceivable in former times. Large praise in January 2006:

“It says much about the advanced commercialization of the industry,if parts of the literature criticism worry themselves today more around the marketing arts of the publishing houses than around their increasing best-seller illusion and the associated material loss ", “the FAZ writes” over comments for the separation of the publishing house from managing director George Rieppel

“as critical observers of the industry can one nevertheless welfare-gladlyits, if one troubles seized starting runs not CDs and Gimmicks settled by sharp point title advertisement with, does not talk nonsense also from air and is encountered with the nose the relevance of any Popkultjungstars. Separates if one to completely exactly look must, around the beads in the programto discover - in the past autumn with Suhrkamp for instance the Ukrainer Andruchowytsch or the Hungary Attila Bartis, in the spring the Kuczok mentioned or the American Berserker William T. Full man - which other publishing houses would have there again hear-nerve-killing getrommelt from because of new Pynchon/Franzen/Ellis! Still criticism findsnot in the restaurant economics instead of; the feuilleton is not the stock exchange sheet of the book trade. “

In “the time” Ulrich Greiner analyzes to the same topic:

The discussion “adjusts the view for the fact that Suhrkamp deals with the Fundus of its authors, who embody a whole century of the spirit carefully. That is exemplarily. Also the publishing house risks again and again literarily new, although it makes it often not sufficiently visible. Since Unselds death it did not regain its rhythm. Therefore it comes that the off and entrances of its managing directors are more debated than its books. That itself thissoon turn around, is urgently to be hoped. “

The medium donation of the savings bank Leipzig mark assigns a promotion price book science endowed with Institut for communication and medium science locally (since 2005), with 2500 euro. 2006: Investigation on the “influence of literature criticism in Germany on the paragraph of public books”.According to estimate of the jury the qualifying thesis supplies an outstanding contribution for the study of the effect of literary criticism in the mass media on the economic success of belletristischer books. The price to the local resident Wendy Kerstan, at present Praktikantin in the Hanser publishing house (Munich), is handed over on the Leipziger book fair.Laudatio: Honour senator of the University of Leipzig, publisher Klaus G. Saur. That becomes conference volume “book place at the same time. History and perspectives of the Leipziger book science " (Philos publishing house, attaining) presented, which on the occasion of the ten-year existence of the Leipziger Professur for book science and book economy contain the contributions of a colloquium. (Friday, 17. March,To 10 o'clock, 5, conditions A 400 resounds)

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