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the term paying television is the translation of the English term Pay TV. Against payment, usually as subscription, the customer acquires the right for the duration of the subscription to receive one or more programs of an offerer and/or. to decode. With few exceptions paying television offers become todayusually digitally common and to the decoding a Digitaldekoder is necessary. This decodes the coded television signal using a Dekoderkarte (Smartcard).

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it is to be differentiated between different offer models:

  • Subscription of individual selected programs (selection model), z. B. for section programs (usually with Erotik or sport offers).
  • Subscription as Programmbouquet (package and/or. Blanket rate) from several programs, which are tied to a package usually, z. B. several sport programs, child programs, film or series packages, foreign language offers for foreign inhabitants, knowledge programs, etc.
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further offers, which can be included to the paying television, are:

  • PPV: With the Pay by View is a selected transmission (z. B. a sport transmission to subscribe and account for a concert individually or a film). A defined transmission date then the transmission for the customer becomes“de-energised”, D. h. decoded. Decoding is made by the Dekoderkarte (Smartcard) by means of a clear identification number of the map and/or. the DEK OR (pin).
  • VoD: Video on and is related to the Pay by View procedure. Also here a selected transmission “is de-energised” when desired the customer andindividually accounted for. The difference to the PPV consists of being able to determine the point of transmitting time. This because of technical restrictions only causes ready for the market procedures particularly by Internet service tenderers (Providern) is used, sets however a broadband binding (DSL, cable modem, Internet via satellite o. A. ahead).
  • nVoD: The completenesshalf also Near video on Demand is to be called. nVoD is to VoD identically, only the point of transmitting time can only roughly be determined. Usually a transmission becomes cyclically and/or with this procedure. deferred (z. B. Starting date every 15 minutes) sent and the customer selects an appropriate start timeout.
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offerers and background

acquaintance paying television company in the German-speaking countries are arena, premiere, cable digital(formerly DigiKabel, MediaVision), Tividi, cable kiosk (in independent nets) as well as Teleclub. In Great Britain and Ireland British Sky Broadcasting ( BSkYB) is represented.

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