District federation Pfalz

the district federation Pfalz is a local regional administrative body in the Pfalz in the German Land of the Federal Republic Rhineland-Palatinate, which, like also the committee of its delegate, who is unique district day Pfalz, selected by the people, in Germany. The roots hand into the time around the turn of 18. to 19. Century back.

Coats of arms

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in the process of the French revolution wars fell 1798 the entire linksrheinischen areas and concomitantly the today's Pfalz at France. The pfälzischen territories were summarized with Rhinehesse in the newly formed Département thunder mountain and administered as an integrated component of the French state. The democratic structures of the Conseil général, in the year 1800 taken over, flowed 1816, when after end of the era Napoleon the Pfalz the Kingdom of Bavaria was slammed shut, in the 20-köpfigen Landrath, which finally to the district day Pfalz, approved by Bavaria, which became parliament of the district federation Pfalz.

Since 1986 the district federation Pfalz has its own coat of arms. It refers to the Pfalz by use of the kurpfälzischen colors black and gold, by the pfälzischen lion, which decreases/goes back like the Bavarian to the sex of the Wittelsbacher, and by the senkrechte wave line on the heraldisch right side, which symbolizes the Rhine.


the district federation Pfalz is responsible as the higher local federation for interests, which are settled below the regional level and above the level of the eight districts and the eight circle-free cities of the Pfalz.

For this purpose the district federation maintains Pfalz mechanisms at different locations. In addition it promotes numerous public and private initiatives, which have to do with pfälzischer history and Volkskunde, with culture and art, with environmental protection or with tourism, by participation and assigns a whole set of appropriate prices.


district day and Bezirkstagsvorsitzende/r

of organs of the district federation Pfalz are the district day Pfalz and/ the district tag chairman.

The district day makes the important political decisions of the local regional administrative body. This regional parliament is selected directly by the Pfälzern every five years with the local election. The 29 honorary delegates district tags select Bezirkstagsvorsitzende/n and two deputies from their center eine/n. The political work is prepared by specialized committees and partially also decided.

members district tags

during its 14. Legislative period, which lasts from 2004 to 2009, consists the district day Pfalz of 29 delegates of the following groupings:

CDU 12 seats
SPD 8 seats
FWG 3 seats
GRÜ 2 seats
FDP 2 seats
REP 2 seats

list of the district tag chairmen

(after the Second World War)

2004 - today Theo again, CDU
1999 - 2004 Joachim Stöckle, CDU
1997 - 1999 Dr. Winfried Hirschberger, SPD
1979 - 1996 Dr. Werner Ludwig, SPD
1974 - 1979 Dr. Wolfgang Brix, CDU
1964 - 1974 Dr. Werner Ludwig, SPD
1962 - 1964 Dr. Friedrich Grass, CDU
1950 - 1962 Franz Bögler, SPD

mechanisms and participation




  • Pfalzpreis for screen end art (alternating in the sections painting, graphics and plastics)
since 1953, first annually, now every two years
  • Pfalzpreis for arts and crafts
since 1975
  • Pfalzpreis for literature
since 1959
  • Pfalzpreis for homeland research
since 1986
  • environmental protection price of the district federation Pfalz
every two years
  • medium price Pfalz
since 1989 every two years
  • Pfalzpreis youth and sport (common with the sport youth Pfalz)
since 1992
since 1993 every two years as main price, endows with 15.000 €
since 1993 every two years as promotion price, endows with 2.500 €

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