Bend Country

bend Country is to Folk skirt volume from Scotland, which is assigned to that by many new Wave. The volume skirt music with very strong Scottish influences actually played (without a volume member is born in Scotland). But two of the volume members grew up in close proximity to Edinburgh .

On the basis of singer Stuart Adamson, which already created those with 16 years new Wave volume The Skids, those volume bend Country with Bruce Watson (guitar), Marks of Brzezicki (Schlagzeug) and Tony Butler (bass) based. Early Singles as “in A bend Country” or “Wonderland” became charter sequence and Steve Lillywhite took over the production of the first album to that volume. The debut album “The Crossing” becomes the sales and medium success. The single “Look Away” 1986 of the published album The Seer, with which Kate Bush on the title TRACK along-sings, becomes the hit.

After successes into the 1980er years becomes calmer it around the volume.

Stuart Adamson comes again and again by its alcohol problems into the headlines. After a last Studio album and a conclusion route by Europe those explains the dissolution to volume. In December 2001 Stuart Adamson in a hotel room in Honolulu is erhängt found. The police proceeds from suicide.

The sound TRACK of the Scottish film “Restless native” is worth mentioning, that on double CD as well as rare photographs was published and renewed emerging the music of bends Country in a consequence of the “Gilmore Girls”.

Bruce Watson plays among other things at fish guitar and works at that volume “A Few Good Men " also, those with ex-simple Minds members hits of Scottish Volume plays, among them also bends Country ([1]/).


  • The Crossing (1983)
  • Steeltown (1984)
  • The Seer (1986)
  • Peace in Our Time (1988)
  • Through A bend to Country (Greatest hit 1990)
  • NO Place Like Home (1991)
  • The Buffalo Skinners (1993)
  • Without The Aid OF A Safety Net (live) (1994)
  • Why The Long Face (1995)
  • Eclectic (live) (1996)
  • Brighton skirt (live) (1997)
  • King Biscuit Flower Hour (live) (1997)
  • Restless native and Rarities (1998)
  • The radio session (1999)
  • Come UP Screaming (2000)
  • Driving ton of Damascus (2000)
  • One in A Million (Acoustic) (2001)
  • Undercover (Cover versions) (2001)
  • Rarities II (Compilation) (2001)
  • Greatest 12 " hits (2001)
  • the celebration (live) (2001)
  • Peace Concert (live in east Berlin) (2001)
  • live one into cologne (live) (2002)
  • Rarities III (Compiliation) (2002)
  • The Greatest hit OF bend to Country and The Skids (2002)
  • Rarities IV (Compiliation) (2003)
  • Rarities V (Compiliation) (2003)
  • The Collection (Compiliation) (2003)
  • Rarities VI (Compilation) (2004)
  • Rarities VII (Compilation) (2004)
  • live Without A Safety Net - The fill 1993 Glasgow Barrowland show (live) (30. May 2005)
  • The Buffalo Skinners (ReRelease with bonus TRACK) (30. May 2005)
  • Rarities VIII (Compilation) (2005)

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