Bijeljina (in cyrillic writing Бијељина, German Bieglin) is a city and a municipality (Opština) in the northeast of Bosnia Herzegovina (Republika Srpska).

The municipality Bijeljina is appropriate to three-landhits a corner for Croatia - Serbia - Bosnia, it in the north by the save and in the west of the Drina is limited. The region is well-known among other things also as Semberija. In 16. Century builds monastery Tavna is considered as mental center of the residents Serbian-orthodox Christians.

Coat of arms of the city Bijeljina after the Bosnian war


today (2005) is inhabited predominantly Bijeljina by Bosnian Serbs, because nearly all Croats and above all Bosniaken in the Bosnian war were driven out. The number of inhabitants rose from approx. 96,000 in the year 1991 due to the streams of refugees in the war on 110,000 inhabitants.

1991 was 59% the inhabitant Serb and 31% Bosniaken. While the number of the Bosniaken reduced by 83,5%, inhabitants of other Ethnien completely disappeared. After driving out the municipality was filled with Serbian refugees from other parts of Bosnia.


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