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picture of the science (ISSN 0006-2375) is a popular-scientific magazine from the Konrad in publishing house in flax field EN genuine things, those contrary to GEO or the P.M. Magazine the requirement raises to look behind the window blinds from research and science to. Editor-in-chief is Wolfgang Hess, which is employed since beginning of the nineties with picture of the science. After some difficulties and the sales to the Konradin of publishing house group, the sheet writes end of the nineties and at the beginning of the new millenium now again black numbers.

The emphasis are discussions over research results, reports over researchers and short information about current topics.

The magazine appeared for the first time in the year 1964. Today it appears monthly in a sales edition of over 100.000 pieces.

Beside the regular expenditure also extra charges appear to certain main topics under the title picture of the science plus.

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ISSN: 0006-2375


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