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Training system unites all mechanisms and institutions, the education mediates and the training of learning (pupil, student and. A.) take over. The first national school laws originated in in 18. Century (general school regulations for Prussia of 1763, Austrian school regulations of 1774). The public education work is in Germany both thing of the individual countries and the free school carriers. Keels of the national education work in the Federal Republic of Germany are:

Reason - and six-form high schools, hauptschule, High Schools (high schools), universities, occupation - and Technical High Schools. Besides special schools exist. Special institutes and evening institutes make the further training possible of adults and can up to the university-level graduation lead (so-called. Second Bildungsweg).

Free school carriers are united in own federations. Beside the church schools are in particular the Rudolf Steiner Schools, the free alternative schools and the boarding schools. People's highschools, trade unions, parties , churches, enterprises take over a part of the adult education and. A. in lectures and further training courses.

Additionally for some time also the entrance to the university with final training is possible (master study).

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