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William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton (* 19. August 1946 in Hope, Arkansas as William Jefferson Blythe III) was of 1993 - 2001 of the 42. President of the United States of America. He was the successor of GeorgeH. W. Bush (senior) and predecessor by George W. Bush (junior). It belongs to the democratic party . Clinton is married Baptist and since 1975 with Hillary Clinton, with which he has the common daughter Chelsea Clinton. Clinton is considered as onethe most popular presidents of the USA.

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Clinton one bore three months after the deadly traffic accident of his father. It grew with alcohol andForce in its family up and learned early to deal with private problems and to keep it away from the public. When it was four years old, its nut/mother Virginia Cassidy Blythe married after changing life companions from Hot jumps (Arkansas) coming RogerClinton. In Bill Clinton High School time it accepted its surnames. Bill Clinton has a younger half brother, Roger Clinton, Jr.


Clinton made a conclusion to the Georgetown University in international affairs and went with one Rhodes scholarship for one year to the University of Oxford to England, with which it also a summoning went around to the military service in Viet Nam. It belonged obviously to the 68er - to generation and was a good student. At study times it was interested politically very much, experimentedalso with hashish to inhalieren (without!). He expressed later to be glad into the 1960er years to have grown up a time with much idealism, so Clinton.

In the year 1973 it made its conclusion in jurisprudence at the Yale university,where he became acquainted with also his later Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, and went into the policy, in which he was interested already early.

political career

1974 he stood as a candidate for a deputy seat in the house of representatives, was subject however scarcely to that republican office holder John Paul Hammerschmidt.

1976 were selected Clinton into the office of the prosecutor general von Arkansas. Two years later one raised it with only 32 years to the governor von Arkansas, the then youngest head of the government of an US-American Federal State.

1980Clinton was however again voted out, which for it according to own statement was very instructive.1982 began Clinton again and became again governor von Arkansas.

first term of office

election campaign

Clinton, Gore
Clinton, would ferment

1991 decided Clinton, asTo stand as a candidate president. During the entire election campaign time it lay not least because of its successful tying to the historical myth of former president John F. Kennedy, with which it was often compared at first, with clear projection/lead in guidance.

With that Presidency elections of the 3. November 1992 won Clinton with 43% before acting George H. W. Bush (38%) and the independent candidate Ross Perot (19%). It pulled thereupon to 20. January 1993 as 42. President of the United Statesof America in the white house .

Sworn in as a vice-president aluminium would ferment.

home policy

relating to domestic affairs were Clintons vorrangigste goals during its term of office the introduction of a general health insurance, the fight against drug abuse, force of arms and poverty into thatThe USA. As a member of the Woodstock - generation used itself Clinton for a democratization in social and cultural questions, approximately by its commitment against AIDS, the race hatred and during the equalization of same sex life partnerships.

Above all however Clinton that had itselfTask used up, those by its predecessors in office Ronald Reagan and George Bush left highest national indebtedness in the history of the USA to diminish as well as annual budgetary deficits from over 200 billion US Dollar.

foreign policy

Boris Yel'tsin pursues Clintons play at the saxophone

Clintonsees itself as multilateralist and a citizen of the world.

In the Middle East conflict it succeeded to mediate to Clinton between Jassir Arafat and Jitzhak Rabin and contributed thereby considerably to a relaxation in the Near East , which continued until September 2000.

Besides Clinton endeavoreditself around the reconciliation of the USA with the People's Republic of China, the democratization of Russia and the removal of the political consequences of the cold war. In particular the relations of the USA with Germany, which it often bereiste and to which it, intensified he had also privately good contacts.

Retrospectively Clinton expressed itself 2005 to the genocide in Rwanda: „Which I have made wrong? That we did not march into Rwanda. That happened at that time within 90 days, this genocide. Iit knows that I would have received only completely heavily the agreement of the congress. But I should have tried it. I could have saved lives. That was completely safe heaviest omission of my life. I will never overcome that. “(translates from thatEnglish one)

of NATO - employment against Yugoslavia 1999 was considerably along-decided by Clinton. After the failed employment in Somalia the foreign exchange of the Clinton government was „NO DEAD “: under no circumstances there should be American dead ones. The war became therefore above all alsoBombers led and the American troops with the following UN peace mission behaved very passively.

second term of office

confirmation in the office

the presidency election 1996 won Clinton with 50% of the voices clearly against its republican challenger Bob Dole (41%) as well as the independent candidate Ross Perot (8%) and was thus confirmed in the office.

Lewinsky affair

the second term of office was overshadowed by an affair with a Praktikantin Monica Lewinsky, with which it Oralsex in the white househad. The place of the action, the office of the president (oval Office), was called therefore spöttisch oral Office.

Clinton saw itself as target of a rushing campaign to political rights of the USA. One was endeavored actually with all means, loading material against Clintonto find. Also his Mrs. Hillary did not remain spared by the lengthy investigations by Sonderermittler Kenneth rigid. Also a doubtful real estate transaction became from its time as a governor in Arkansas admits (Whitewater affair). During the determinations several women deplored sexual annoyanceby Bill Clinton, at least to one the Clintons in an agreement out of court paid a remuneration for their further these women by the religious rights of the USA was supported.

In the consequence of the campaign impeachment proceedings were introduced against it, howeverfailed. Also in Clintons private lives were not criminally loading points. Clinton cleared the affair up after initial denial and criticized later the Heuchelei in society and politics. Here he got international support, approximately by appearances Nelson Mandelas or kingHussein II. on the US television.

Clinton is a second president of the USA (after Andrew Johnson in 1868) against some impeachment proceedings was led. However the wide-spread opinion Clinton not accused there it an affair had, but because of wrong statementunder oath as well as law handicap.

He saw himself not as a victim of the campaign and expressed the open battle to have won although the affair in its private life represented a defeat. A large part of the population actually stood despite the affair behindit and against Clinton and let 1998 , when admits all facts were, condemned the attempts of the republicans Clintons democrat against the republicans triumph. Also its wife Hillary twist it in the long run the affair, even if it loaded its marriage heavily.Of resignation it never thought during the affair, how it protested later.

foreign policy

also in the second term of office was a large emphasis Clintons on international policy. Like that it was endeavored, the relationship between Viet Nam and the USAto normalize. Also under Clinton Kyoto minutes were signed, which were then again rejected by the later Bush government. Essentially the Clinton government aligned its foreign policy at economic conditions: each decision with regard to foreign policy had to withstand these considerations, before it by thatSenate was ratified. From this reason it came in the era Clinton to no substantial changes in the foreign policy of the USA.

international terrorism

into the term of office Clintons intensified activities of the terror network aluminium Kaida fell. In August1998 became explosive assassination attempts on the US embassies in Nairobi (Kenya) and Daressalam (Tanzania) commits; 263 humans came to death and over 5000 were partially heavily hurt. Behind the notices Osama are assumed shop already at that time. Clinton gave thatInstruction, is to be switched off shop under all circumstances, probably knowing Osama, to which acts this man of will is and able. Therefore already at that time of “began Americas war against the terror” and not only since George W. Bush. Thus it came2000 also to an attack on the US military ship USS Cole (DDG-67) by terrorists in the Yemeni port Aden. The government Clinton strengthened the search for Osama is responsible to shop, its terrorist organization after Clintons term of office for the terrorist attacks to11. September 2001 in the USA was. The information situation to Clintons time was however not sufficient, is shop to be found. Besides were missing Clinton still legal possibilities for a more comprehensive terror fight, which were given only to its successor after the notices.

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Economic policy

a large achievement of Bill Clinton was it to reorganize American finances. It left a positive household balance - for the first time since 1969.

life after the presidency

Clinton knew its presidency to 20. January 2001 as one of the most successful presidents lock. It applied both national as well as internationally and expressed popular president. Since the day of his separating from the office its wife Hillary Clinton belongs to the US senate.

Environmental policy and public health policy of its successor in office GeorgeW. Bush criticized Clinton, suggested however political differences usually only to discreetness. Still clearly supporting the employment in Afghanistan, he behaved however in relation to an Iraq employment first reservedly. To 12. July 2004 said Clinton with Johannes B. Kerner (during thatConception of its memoirs in Germany) - after repeated demands - which correct it considers the invasion. Tries Bush to represent an alleged connection between Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein Clinton criticized however likewise.

Its Autobiografie my life (original My would run) appeared in Germany to 8. July 2004 and supplies a personal, in addition, a political flash back. It to write called Clinton hard, but liberating. The book became world-wide a large success, Clinton received a fee in two digit million height.

With the election campaign Clinton John Kerry supported 2004, with which he is also privately friendly.

In September 2004 it became admits that Clinton itself bypass - operation at the heart to submit had, which it got over however complicationless.

In November 2004 became inLittle skirt the William J. Clinton Presidential LIBRARY opens. The costs of the building planned by James Polshek amounted to 165 millions Dollar, which were financed by donations. For opening the acting president Clintons coworker quoted: „If Clinton the Titanic would be, becamethe iceberg sink “.

At the 1. February 2005 was appointed Clinton by UN-Secretary-General Kofi Annan the particular agent of the United Nations for the co-ordination of the auxiliary and reconstruction measures after the Tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia. For its commitment it became at the 1. December 2005 with the Bambi in the category Charity (charity) excellently.



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