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William Henry Cosby jr. (well-known as Bill Cosby) (* 12. July 1937 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a afroamerikanischer actor. Its series the Bill Cosby show (in the original The Cosby show) ran from 1984 to 1992 on NBC and was one the most successful Sitcoms of all times. It is repeated until today regularly on the German television.

Cosby began its career like many Komiker as condition UP Comedian. For appearances published as LP it received several Grammy Awards.

Its schauspielerische career began 1965 with the series of I Spy (German title: With tennis racquet and cannons), in which it represented an CIA agent at the side of Robert Culp. Afterwards it played in many series also, which carried its name in the title (see Filmographie). Also in Germany the Bill Cosby show , a good, the life of an elevated average family representing Comedy series was very popular, in which he the role of the family father and Gynäkologen Dr. Heathcliff “Cliff” Huxtable played.

This series was it, those the Macher of Married… with Children (German: A terriblly nice family) to this series inspririerte, whose work title was “emergency The Cosbys”. Bill Cosby studied Massachusetts to the Temple University with a football scholarship as well as at the University OF.

In the year 1972 it acquired the degree of a M.A. In the year 1977 it made its doctor in Pädagogik. It wrote the doctor work over its own, quite successful child series of “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.” The university of south California lent its second doctor to it honour for the sake of. They honored thereby Cosbys commitment for homeless people and children in emergency.

Cosby is married with Camille Hanks, from the marriage developed four children. To 16. January 1997 became its only son, Ennis Cosby (born 1970, graduated student), victims of a murder with robbery, when it changed on a dark Highway with of Los Angeles a tire with its Mercedes. Mikhail Markhasev, a Ukrainian emigrant, at that time 18, became in to 7. July 1998 in Santa Monica process begun to 7. August 1998 for guilty to have found, Ennis Cosby shoot and rob and it got a lifelong punishment without possibility on conditioned release.

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TV serials

  • 1965 - I Spy
  • 1969-1971 - The Bill Cosby show
  • 1972-1973 - The new Bill Cosby show
  • 1975 - Let's DO it Again (direction: Sidney Poitier)
  • 1981 - The Devil and max of Devlin
  • 1984-1992 - The Cosby show (the Bill Cosby show)
  • 1996-2000 - Cosby

of films

  • 1972 Magnum Heat original title: Hickey and Boggs
  • 1990 Ghost Dad
  • 1996 Jack (the USA/Francis Ford Coppola)
  • 2005 Fat Albert

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