Bill Vukovich

Bill Vukovich (* 13. December 1918 in Fresno, California; † 30. May 1955 in Indianapolis) was an US-American running driver. It was in the center of the 1950er - years the dominating driver of the Indy 500.

Vukovich, which Yugoslav descent was, had to earn itself after the early death of the father with casual labours its maintenance, until he began 1937 with the engine haven. Together with its brother Eli it crossed the country with its truck, on which a racing car was loaded, in order to be able to start when as much as possible running. Often they slept in the truck, and a modest income made prize moneys for them possible.

After the Second World War he bought avoiding GET (a racing car with small capacity) and dominated thereby the running scene in this class into the late 1940ern.

1951 it started the first time with the Indy 500, and although it separated after 29 rounds, the team head Howard saucy became attentive to it and provided for him for 1952 a Kurtis - open houses, at that time the best car in Indianapolis.

The 500-Meilen-Rennen of 1952 brought the break-through. In the 32. Round took over he the guidance and kept her to eight rounds before conclusion, when he drove to a mechanical defect into the distance delimitation.

1953 he could celebrate finally the earned victory, in superior manners led he 195 of the 200 rounds. 1954 it repeated its victory. With prize money it acquired a gas station in Fresno, it remembered its poor youth years still and wanted for its family an income to secure.

With the 500-Meilen-Rennen von Indianapolis 1955 it looked like as if with Vukovich the first driver could win three times in succession in Indianapolis. But in the 55. Round passed the tragedy: Rodger Ward turned, in the following mass collision suffered Vukovich deadly head german types.

It was this one of the accidents, which beside Alberto Ascaris accidental death and the tragedy with the 24-Stunden-Rennen von Le Mans, with which 80 spectators found death, who let Formel-1-Saison be received 1955 as a disaster year into the engine haven annals.

numbers, data, facts - formula 1

Nationality the USA
place of birth Fresno
date of birth 13. December 1918
died 30. May 1955
current team no
WM-titles 0
WM-points altogether 19
victories altogether 2
podium places of 2
poles position 1
fastest rounds 3
start 5
guidance rounds of 488
guidance kilometers of 1963
formula 1-Debüt 29. May 1951, GP of the United States of America, 29. Place
of current drivers no


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