Billie Jo Spears

Billie Jo Spears (* 14. January 1937 as Billie Jean Spears in Beaumont, Texas) is an US-American Country singer, whose largest success of the Song blank on The Ground was.

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a friend of the family, the Songwriter Jack Rhodes, wrote for the then thirteen-year old Billie Jo Too old For Toys, Too Young For Boys. The song appeared under the name Billie Jo of moorlands on the B-side of a single of Mel blank, which was published on a small Independent label. Appearances in the Louis IANA Hayride show followed. After these first experiences in the music business it locked first its school, worked as a secretary and sang in night clubs.

After some attendance in Nashville the producer Pete Drake became attentive to it and asked her for some demo volumes. 1964 were locked a contract with the United label. Since its first Singles floppten without exception, she changed soon thereafter to the Capitol label.


with He' s Got More Love in His Little finger could book Billie Jo Spears 1968 their first small hit. One year later reached it with Mr. Walker, It' s universe Over place five. Following productions were again not too successful. Only in Europe, particularly in Great Britain, it achieved a certain admitting heating degree after a tour. Serious vocal cord problems forced it again and again to longer interruptions. To some stopovers with smaller labels it returned 1974 to United Artists.

Here succeeded their 1975 with blank to on the Ground the break-through. The Song reached place unity of the Country Charts and platzierte themselves in addition in the Pop Hitparade. 1976 were selected those singing ring with the hoarse Bluesstimme by the Academy OF Country music to the vielversprechndsten new generation singer. A longer series of further hits followed, begun 1976 with What I've Got in Mind and Misty Blue to 1981 Your Good Girl' s Gonna Go bath. Afterwards their popularity in the USA diminished slowly. It changed to smaller European labels and held themselves still some years in the business. Into the 1990ern it had to undergo of a heavy heart surgery.


  • 1968 - The Voice OF Billie Jo Spears (Capitol)
  • 1969 - Mr. Walker, It's universe Over (Capitol)
  • 1969 - measure Sincerity (Capitol)
  • 1970 - With Love, Billie Jo Spears (Capitol)
  • 1970 - Country Girl (Capitol)
  • 1971 - Just Singin' (Capitol)
  • 1975 - blank on The Ground (United Artists)
  • 1975 - Billie Jo (United Artists)
  • 1976 - What I've Got in Mind (United Artists)
  • 1976 - By Request: Del & Billie Jo (United Artists)
  • 1976 - I'm emergency Easy (United Artists)
  • 1977 - If You Want ME (United Artists)
  • 1978 - Lonely Hearts club (United Artists)
  • 1978 - Love Ain't Gonna WAIT For US (United Artists)
  • 1979 - I wants Survive (United Artists)
  • 1979 - Billie Jo Singles album (United Artists)
  • 1980 - standing Tall (United Artists)

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