Billy Boyo

Billy Boyo (civil Billy Theophilus Rowe, * 21. September 1969 in Kingston, Jamaica; † 29. October 2000) was a child star - Deejay of the early Reggae - Dancehalls.

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musical career

with 12 years became Billy Boyo 1981 the Deejay for Volcano, the sound system of its brother-in-law Henry “Junjo” Lawes. In the same year its first Maxisingle appeared named One Spliff A Day with the British disk label Greensleeves, with the reisserischen, but inkorrekten announcement Introducing Ten year old Billy Boyo!.

Junjo was at the beginning of the 1980er the most successful Reggae - producer of Jamaica. The Vocals its star such as bar ring clay/tone Levy, Yellowman, Eek A Mouse and Toyan was deposited with the hard, slow sound of the root Radics and mixed by Scientist. With this success prescription 1982 Billy Boyos first album DJ Clash volume 2 together with Little Harry for Greensleeves was taken up and sold with middle success also to Europe. In the same year six further Maxisingles appeared with the label.

Child star are a well-known phenomenon in the Jamaican music scene. At the same time with Billy Boyo were for Junjo also Little Harry as well as that at that time only 10 years old and later world-wide successful Beenie one active.

Silver camel originated in to 1983 with an attendance of Billy Boyo in London six photographs for the likewise British label, which only 2002, two years after its death, on which CD Zim Zim were published. The six songs are arranged in the Showcase style as well as the Dubs produced by Trevor Ranking.

After in each case a publication for Captain Sinbad, suddenly Thomas and Rusty terminated Billy Boyo its short career as Dancehall Deejay.

Billy Boyo died to 29. October 2000 at a brain tumor after a two-month fight against the illness.

to style

only photographs of Billy Boyos bright boy voice before its being correct break exist. It did not sing, it deejayte, RWS PSE over given Riddims. Although equipped with a good rhythm feeling, he met not always the correct clay/tone - like it with child's voices repeatedly the case is.

Text Billy Boyo did not have to say anything deep: Its Songs turned around girl (Wicked She Wicked, Look How She Fat), thank-resound (Zim Zim, disk Jockey) or simply around it (Billy Boyo on the Go, Billy Boyo into the AREA).

The British publications are youth-free, on the live-admission from October 1982 together with the sound system Aces international in the 82 Chisholm Ave. in Kingston one hears however the genuine Billy Boyo: With quäkender boy voice it besingt the girl Dana, which it strikes only a blue eye and afterwards with its two pair (!) OF of ball and A long long body impresses. And naturally it wants only one: ′ Push it inna ME! ′, she say ′ Push it inna ME! ′.


  • DJ Clash volume 2: Little Harry & Billy Boyo (LP Greensleeves 1982)
  • A live session With Aces international (LP Intense 1982, live together with Peter Metro, Toyan, Captain Sinbad, Yellowman, Little Harry and Fathead)
  • Zim Zim (1983 taken up, CD Silver camel 2002)

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  • Silver camel: Kurzbiographie, audio tie-clip from the album Zim Zim


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