Biosphere reservation Pfälzer forest Vosges you north

the situation of the biosphere reservation Pfälzer forest Vosges you north
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the biosphere reservation Pfälzer forest Vosges you north was proven 1998 as the first transnational biosphere reservation of the UNESCO in Europe. The German part was thereby 12. of 14 biosphere reservations in Germany.

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situation, components and size of

the biosphere reservation is because of the seam between the German Land of the Federal Republic Rhineland-Palatinate (South West German country) and the French region Elsass (northeast France). It covers one total area of 310.500 hectars, of it 180,000 hectars in Germany (Pfälzer forest) and 130,500 hectars in France (Vosges you north). The largest part is existed of forests, as they prevail also in the entire mountain group from Vogesen and Pfälzer forest. The forest places about 74% to the reservation surface, the settled portion of the area amounts to only 5%.



according to

core zones of the UNESCO given zoning core zones are proven and excluded from any use. Those are areas, which represent important nature inheritance and whose lasting protection is required.

care zones

are specified beyond that care zones, in which only a careful, orientation by nature land use may take place, without thereby its nature inheritance is impaired.

development zones

all remaining area portions are development zones.



  • core zones from or in establishment protected areas present already existing, which lay over the entire area scattered,
  • care zones from forests and valleys development zones
  • from localities and trade areas [
work on] Pfälzer

forest core zones

  • from forest areas, those partially already protected care zones,
  • which follow the core zones, with large portions of existing protected areas development zones with
  • more intensively used ranges were main and/or. Settlement ranges


  • 1983: First considerations with the carriers of the nature parks Pfälzer forest and park naturel régional the Vosges you north to connect German and French moving ways transnational and prove 1985
  • accordingly: Signing of a common agreement for the co-operation of the two nature parks
  • 1989: Acknowledgment of the regional nature park Nordvogesen as biosphere reservation by the UNESCO
  • 1996: Signing of an agreement for the creation of a biosphere reservation Pfälzer forest Vosges you north
  • 1998: Acknowledgment of the biosphere reservation Pfälzer forest Vosges you north by the UNESCO as transnational biosphere reservation


in fish brook with Dahn is a visitor formation center for the biosphere reservation Pfälzer forest Vosges you north with the following attractions:

  • In the biosphere house a Multimediaausstellung makes biological and ecological basic principles descriptive and spielerisch experiencable.
  • A treetop path leads in the zigzag course in 18 meters height by the forest. From 35 a wonderful view of the Pfälzer forest is offered meters high platforms.
  • Approx. two kilometers long biosphere experience way runs by the Spiesswoogtal, past at twelve going through stations, which mediate to the visitor worth knowing over nature, landscape and habitats.

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