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Breuel on the Expo 2000.

Birgit Breuel, born Münchmeyer (* 7. September 1937 in Hamburg tears), Dr.h.c., is later active in numerous honorary offices German politician (CDU ) , former president of the trust establishment and general clerk sarin of the Expo 2000 in Hanover.

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Das Wappen der Hamburger Kaufmannsfamilie Münchmeyer
the coat of arms that Hamburg buyer family Münchmeyer

Birgit Münchmeyer comes of since 1816 to a Hamburg family originally of Lower Saxony of buyers and private bankers and is the daughter of the buyer and banker Dr.jur. h.c. Alwin Münchmeyer d.J. (1908-1990), among other things Owner of the handels and banking house “Münchmeyer & cost.“in Hamburg and president of the Council of German Chambers of Commerz, and the Gertrud Nolte (*1914).

She married to 8. August 1959 in Hamburg tears that Hamburg buyer Dr. Seriousness Jürgen Breuel (* 7. October 1931 in Hamburg), son Hamburg buyer Ernst Breuel and the Alita of the Börger.


you studied first political sciences at the Universities of Hamburg, Oxford and Geneva to make however without a study conclusion.

1966 occurred the learned retail trade purchase woman the CDU.

1978 - 1986 were it minister for economics and transport in Lower Saxony, 1986 it to Treasuries of Lower Saxony were appointed (until 1990). After assumption of office it did not achieve the official introduction so far existences of the office title “minister “as a first woman.

1990 were selected it into the management of the trust establishment, one year later became it than successor of the murdered Detlev Karsten Rohwedder president of the trust establishment. It separated 1995 from this office and was then to 2000 general clerk sarin of the world exhibition Expo 2000 in Hanover.


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