Birgit wedge

Birgit wedge (* 20. September 1944 in Kowar (today Kovárov) in the Sudetenland) is a German dancer and a Primaballerina of many years of the Stuttgart Balletts.

Wedge received its tänzerische training in bath gravel singing, Stuttgart and London. Since 1961 member Stuttgart ballets became it 1963 under John Cranko Solistin. It danced all important classical and modern main roles and had guest appearances at the large ballet stages of the world. It was Tanzpartnerin of large dancers such as smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Cragun, Rudolf Nurejew and Mikhail Baryshnikov. John Cranko created own Choreographien for her just like John new Meier, Jíri Kylian, Glen Tetley, Heinz Spoerli, Hans van Manen and Uwe Scholz. Wedge was famous in the ballet world as “the German Ballerina”.

Birgit wedge, which was distinguished 1980 with the title chamber dancer, retired 1995 of the stage and created together with the citizens of Milan Kunstmäzenin Maddalena Mina di Sospiro in Stuttgart a dance donation, which stands under the patronage of DIANE duchess of Württemberg and Lothar Späth. Further wedge a directress and Professorin of the academy of the dance of the national university for music and representing art are in Mannheim as well as directress of the ballet ensemble of the Staastheaters of Baden in Karlsruhe.

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